Is Weight Watchers Coaching Worth it?

Weight Watchers Coaching – Is it worth it? My Review

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I’ve been on Weight Watchers for quite some time now. Am I at my goal.

NOPE (get used to that word)! In fact, below is my most recent pic and while the suit fits well, it hides all the sad, pitiful Weight Watchers failures since Keto.

Is Weight Watchers coaching worth it? The way I'm looking in this suit, I'd say Yes! because I need it.
Way over where I need to be! Too close to 200 pounds for my comfort!

However, I’m not so sure me being nowhere near my weight loss goal is Weight Watchers fault.

No, I know it’s not their fault that I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to lose.

In fact, I think the program is really set up quite well and is very adaptable to any lifestyle. Let me explain how.

First, Weight Watchers allows me to to eat anything I want to eat…although it doesn’t encourage me to do so.

Sure, I can have the cake (Anna Mae), but it will massacre my daily point allotment. So in the end, it doesn’t work well to have the cake (Anna Mae). Still, it’s nice to know I can … should I want to from time to time.

Secondly, Weight Watchers has a coaching service that really helps me…when I use it. Here’s how it works.

You click your profile (if using the app) and if you have the service, you select “Personal Coaching”.

You choose a coach from their gazillion coaches online. However, I’ve found one that I “click” with, so I search no more.

Weight Watchers coaches are NOT the same!

Honey. I tried several coaches before I found the one for me. They were all “OK”, but I need better than OK to reach my goal.

Some of them were just “Yay! You can do it” people. Nope. Who has time for that?

Not on keto because keto made me sick!
Order your “Not on Keto” Shirt. Only $18.99!

Others, pretended to be psycho-analysts trying to understand how my puppy’s death 30 years ago contributes to my current eating habits. No thank you.

Then, I found the perfect one.

I scheduled with her and got a reminder via email of my appointment (via telephone call).

Then, I simply add it to my calendar and wait for the reminders to come. You get an email reminder (I believe) the day before and most definitely a little before the call. I love this so I don’t forget.

Nope, you can’t use my coach…unless you find her in the Weight Watchers database.

I’m sorry, I won’t say her name because this blog gets almost 10,000 visitors a month and I would hate to overwhelm her. Plus, she works with my personality type and my way of thinking. She may not even work out for you. So, find your own coach that works for you.

My coach is smart, very knowledgeable about the program, food, carbs, and health. I love her! She gives me tips about products to try like Kodiak Kakes or Pure Lemon for my water (I hate water).

She’s no chump either!

Best part about my Weight Watchers coach is she doesn’t fall for my charm, humor or BS.

She holds me accountable. She pushes me. I need that. The telephone session is only about 15 minutes, but it is targeted and fruitful.

For me, each session always (I mean ALWAYS) concludes with me drinking more water, tracking consistently, and finding a way to move my body.

After each Weight Watchers Coaching Session this happens.

She follows up with me! I love the followup I get after the session. She emails me the goals I set during the telephone conversation. I need that reminder or helps I wouldn’t remember the information we discussed.

Here are my goals for this week (as I write this). I got them via email.

It comes in “checklist” format so I can check off what I accomplish until I talk to her again. She can see what I check off the list as well.

Time to get back on the wagon.

I’ve fallen so far from the wagon, I need to really refocus and do so FAST! So, I’m tracking, eating mindfully and thinking about how to get more movement in my over 40 day.

I schedule time with her weekly and I may add twice a week for a while. Just until I get back on track.

In the end, is Weight Watchers coaching worth it?

For me, I say yes. I love it. I’m a super busy person running an e-store, being a wife, working a career, raising kids, etc.

Plus, I hate Weight Watchers meetings and I love being able to do things on my own schedule.

I understand everyone is different and this type of support wouldn’t work for some, but it works for this chick and it’s worth every penny of the $54.95 each month.

Keto made me sick.

South Beach made me depressed (I like carbs)

But, Weight Watchers coaching is my boogie.

Have you tried anything like this?

I know NOOM is gaining traction. Has anyone looked into that?

In case you didn’t know…this isn’t me. Ha! But, I’d love for you to pin!!!

Weight Watchers telephone coaching ...Is it worth?

Thanks for reading! I’d love if you’d share or comment! I’ll keep ya updated!

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  1. This is just what I needed to hear. Thank you! I, too, have fallen off the WW wagon numerous times because I thought I could do it myself. I am definitely starting coaching!

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