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Cute reading glasses for women over 40

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Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE READING GLASSES (or readers as us old folks call them). Since I undoubtedly need them, I figure they should be cute and I should have lots of variety in design, shape, and color.  My reading glasses journey began when I thought something was seriously wrong with my eyes because I couldn’t read or see l…at all as I read my books. So, I went to my local eye doc and heard: “Yes. It happens in your forties, it’s very common”. That’s what the young (probably younger than my oldest kid) optician said with a facial expression I’d swear was a smirk, but I would never be able to prove it in a court of law. *hehehe* Immediately, I knew I didn’t wanna be that old chick with glasses on the end of her nose. I wanted to find trendy reading glasses women with style would wear.  

What she said next made me want to smack her upside her head with a fried pork chop, but I didn’t (and wouldn’t) because I didn’t want to get arrested. Here is what she said: “You’re about my mom’s age and she needs them too”.  It wasn’t what she said, but how she said it.   Her tone made me feel I needed one of those old people scooters to finish my last, few waning days on this earth. Ha!

Honestly, she meant no harm and I wasn’t really offended.

The “issues” and the way I initially perceived them were my own problems and insecurities. Hey, that’s another blog post altogether! Anyway, she taught me getting older means I won’t see as well as I used to, and reading glasses will become a part of my (and likely your) over 40 life. No problem, because so many cute options are out there and you can still look like a funky middle-ager – even with “readers.” You just have to find the right ones.

These are just boring “around the house” frames.
Wait! I guess they all are these days!

Youthful and stylish
reading glasses for middle-aged women

My friend says I may have an addiction to reading glasses.  

I don’t know if that’s true, but I  do have more pairs than the character Fred Sanford on the 70’s sitcom “Sanford and Son.” He used to keep them stashed in his drawer.  If you’re about my age, you may know who I’m talking about. When he couldn’t see something, he’d head over to that drawer. Then, try on a pair and say “Naw, this ain’t it.” Commence to throw those in the pile and grab another pair. He’d repeat this until he found the perfect magnification for whatever he was looking at. It was hilarious!

What’s even funnier is I do something similar to that. If a book has smaller print, I’m trying on different frames and magnifiers too. Funny, how things circle around. For example, I remember laughing at my mom sweating feverishly in the debt of winter…um….no more!

Anyway. ..check out my cheap eyeglasses frames below.

The next two frames are my absolute favorite! They compliment my face well and come in a variety of colors. They are light and durable as well. I got them from Amazon! These are trendy reading glasses frames women of all ages will love – but especially women over 40.

Click here to check them out for yourself.

These are the epitome of trendy reading glasses women of my years can sport with elegance and style.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – the animal print reading glasses

Now, these cute leopard frames are straight from… wait for it… TJ MAXX! When you’re shopping for handbags, always check out their reading glasses rack. These came in a 3-pack of reading glasses, but this pair was the cutest by far!

Glasses you can find easily on Amazon.

Horned rims are a timeless style. I loved the frames below so much I purchased like 3 pairs so I’d never be without them!

Again, came to the rescue. That’s exactly where I got my horn-rimmed reading glasses. Click this link to see them: They also have clear ones too for when you’re out and just want to sport glasses for fashion.

My facial expression matches these frames perfectly. These are not really my cup of tea, but if you like them, you know where to go: Amazon: click here.

Some frames I don’t like…WAY TOO BIG….

I don’t have a clue where I purchased these. I think it was Ross Dress for Less. Not my thing. I think I’d wear them with my hair in a chignon and see if I like them that way. What do you think?

Portable, collapsable reading glasses

A little something for your handbag. I did buy these too. Just to keep in my purse. My handbag is always a hot mess. But, my reading glasses are always a welcome addition.

A few less exciting varieties of
reading glasses for women over 40…50…

cute reading glasses frames

These are nothing exciting, but I wear these …especially now that I’m working from home.

I got these from CVS. Nothing fancy, but perfect for square-shaped faces.

Also, the brown frame actually accentuates my skin tone. don’t you think?  I especially like them with this fashion wig. Great look!

Let me do a $2 imitation of Ashleigh Banfield in the picture below.  I love her glasses, she makes glasses look so cool.

cute reading glasses

Now, let’s get to my favorite pair of reading glasses! Oh, the compliments I get on these babies (below)! I must admit, I feel great in them! They are fresh, funky, and contemporary…they are ME!
What do you think?

cheap eyeglass frames

Over 40 readers are an expression of my personality and even my mood.

In a Cosmo article, I saw these frames look best on narrow faces.  I wouldn’t call my face a narrow one, but I love them. They make me feel good.

According to the article, I might have an “oval” face and should wear “top-heavy” glasses.  You know, I wear what I like and what makes me feel good and you should too!

My over 40 reading glasses are functional, but also an accessory (back when I left the house, that is). I’m finding they can make me look stylish, modern, and fashionable as an over 50 woman.  I’ve also learned the wrong frames can age me 20 years and make me look like Mrs. Garret from the “Facts of Life”.

modern reading glasses

Which do you like best?  What style do you wear?

Cute, trendy reading glasses for women over 40.

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