Tips for buying wigs online

Best place to buy wigs online

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Are you thinking about shopping for a wig from an online site?
Before you do, check out my ideas for the best place to buy wigs online.

I’ve been buying  wigs online for a couple of years now. Mainly because I love wearing them and don’t have time to live in a BSS!  That means “Black beauty supply store” in case you didn’t know. Wigs online tend to be less expensive too. Sure, I pay shipping and handling, but I still think I come out ahead with the dollars and cents. I’m business “savvy” enough to know my local BSS has a markup and they love passing it on to me. Online buying wins for me and I’ve found best place to buy wigs online!

Another tip: I’ve gone so far as visit the BSS, try on a wig only to buy it online for at least 35-50% less! You can too!

There is one drawback to buying from online sites. You lose the luxury of personal experience.  You can’t try it on (unless you do the shady thing I mentioned earlier), nor can you feel the texture of the fibers or  play with the style.

Bummer. But, all in all, I still think it’s worth it to buy online.

Before we proceed….

Hey, in case you’re wondering. I do actually have hair. *hahaha* Below is a pic of my real hair…the kind that grows from my scalp, not the kind that lives under my sink. 🙂

My real hair.
buying wigs online tips

Before I go any further still, let me explain something else.

I am a 50-something Black woman. I was 40-something when I created this blog “baby”, but I’m not any longer. Oh well.

Anyway….back to my thought.

See, I wear wigs because I love the change of pace it affords me.

I am not trying to look like someone of another culture or like someone on television.  As I said before, I do have my own hair and I love it. In fact, my wigs protect my hair so that it grows strong and healthy. Wigs, for me, are fashion statements and creative expressions of my personality. Ok? Ok.

Keep your judgements to yourself!

I can’t stand people who think women who wear wigs have low self-image or are hiding something. It’s fashion. It’s style. That’s all it is for most of us.

Did you know fashion wigs offer a creative style outlet for women? They can also promote healthy hair. Have you worn a fashion wig? Click To Tweet

Now, are you ready for my tips?

Here they are:

My favorite place to buy wigs…

I like buying wigs from or you can click here:

Ebonyline is best place to buy wigs online in my opinion.
Ebonyline has everything from the FLAMBOYANT to the conservative!

In case you shop elsewhere online for your wig, here are my tips for you:

1. Work with a reputable supplier. The best way to know if a supplier is trustworthy is to visit the Better Business Bureau website.  Search for the vendor in their database. The site allows you to see a BBB rating or grade for the company.  Be sure to look at the “Customer Complaints Summary” to see what has merited their rating. Personally, I stay clear of the “F” companies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the company is necessarily horrible; I just won’t trust them with my money.

Tips for buying wigs online
Tips for buying wigs online

2. Read the customer reviews on the vendor site. If there are no reviews, proceed to step 3. The best reviewers include a photo so you may see how the unit looks on a real person and not a model (you know they aren’t real, right?) Models are made up and the wigs are styled by professionals.  They will not likely look the same on your head.

Tips for buying wigs online

For example, I purchased the Diana Synthetic Wig – Koni from Black Hairspray.Com. I loved it!  See my graphic to see what it looks like.


Weeks later, I purchased the same wig in another color (see right).This unit looks completely different. The bangs were shorter and the cute sideburns were missing.

Fortunately, I like it, so it’s all good.  But for the record: I am not crazy and I know they sent me similar styles in two separate designs. Typically, this is the kind of information you can learn in the reviews.

3. Search for it! Before you buy, Google the name and style of the wig you want to buy.  Unless it’s brand new, you should happen upon lots of YouTube and blog reviews.  I typically watch or read the reviews of people who share my facial structure, although I do watch others as well. Another consideration is weight.  I’m a middle-aged mama.  I know the unit will look different on me than it does on a 19-year-old model. So, I bear that in mind when I purchase.

Sometimes, a vlogger looks nothing like me, but offers great insights into how the unit was packed and is made. Still, most of my time is spent on viewing the unit on faces with similar bone structures and shapes as my own.

Tips for buying wigs online
I love a good half wig and headband. This one is a loose wave that matches my natural hair perfectly.
Gray wig that is super cute and cruella style

That’s it. Those are my personal best practices for buying wigs online. I’ve also shared my favorite spot for buy online wigs as well.  Don’t be scared to purchase wigs online. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

Cute affordable wigs for women over 40

Burgundy cute wig.

Love this Bobbi Boss!

Ok the above Bobbi Boss unit has been traumatically and irreversibly altered.
Here it is in it’s original state….before me and my scissors got to it.

See my grays peeking through? 🙂

Which over 40 50 wig look do you like best?

Why I wear wigs

I’m an Amazon affiliate and do like getting wigs from there. Plus, they come super fast! However, Ebonyline is my all-time fav.

This is the one I wear most. I do cut it to make it a side part. 🙂

Click image to see it or click here.