stylish clothes for women over 40

My Forty-something Style Returns…stylish clothes for women over 40

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stylish clothes for women over 40

I was inspired to take a few shots of my over 40 outfits after watching a Netflix doc on fashion icon, Iris Apfel.  She really breathed new life into my forty-something style. Well into her 90’s, Iris wears exactly what she wants and does so with such posh, artistic flair. It made me ponder. Now, if she can “werk” in her mid-90s, surely I can serve up a little something in my 40s, right? She inspired me to find great ideas for my own clothes and stylish clothes for women over 40 in general.If you get a chance, check out the documentary called “Iris”  when you get a chance.  You’ll fall in love with her sense of style, spunk and” out of this” world fashion sense. I’ll be you will also get a bit of courage to try something new. I think trying new things (or the willingness to do so) keeps you young and vibrant.  Do you agree? It’s a stale, boring existence that will age you quicker than liquor.

Also, the Observer reported Iris Apfel is working on a style book.  You know I’ll have my copy the day it’s released!

Ok. It’s time for another woman over 40 spotlight  – and I’m the woman!

It’s actually been a while since I’ve shared my outfits on the blog; one reason is I’ve been so incredibly busy. You know, I’m a hobby blogger, so blogging finds it’s way into my busy life – it is not my life. I hope it will be one day, but for now, I’m enjoying my season of being a busy forty-something wife and mom.

Another reason for my abstinence from posting full-body shots is that I’ve gained a bit of weight.  The gain has fostered a sense of insecurity that I’m working to remedy.  My weight is a constant struggle.  Can you relate?

I’ve tried the low-carb life and found some success. However, it was a “quick fix” for me.  I could never live without sugar and carbs forever. So, I lost about 10 pounds and I transitioned to Weight Watchers…again. So, that’s what I’m  currently using to find my nutritional rhythm.

Anyhoo, let’s talk outfits.

First, let me warn you that my shoes are the same in each outfit.  I had an ACL injury, so black Dr. Scholl’s flats are my mainstay for now.

The first look for this woman over 40

This one is very representative of me – simple and understated. I love a beige or khaki blazer. It’s incredibly versatile and looks great with jeans.  Jeans are also a part of my daily “uniform”, so I try to dress them “up” to ensure they are appropriate for the workplace.

 Forty-something Style I made the outfit pop with turquoise blue accessories. I love beige with this shade of blue.

What to wear with a beige blazer

Here a complete contrast to my simple look shown above. It’s a bold, jacket with electric colors!

I love this statement jacket for a lot of reasons.  It’s super comfortable and can also be dressed up or dressed down depending on my mood or occasion.

I opted for skinny jeans to keep my proportions balanced.  Wide leg slacks or pants could make me look much bigger. Jeggings are my favorite choice for a narrow bottom half and I believe any woman can wear them as long as you have a jacket to cover up.

Outfit with a bold pattern jacket Forty-something Style

I kept the accessories simple with a silver necklace and silver hoop earrings. I wasn’t feeling very well that day, so I didn’t do much fussing with my hair or makeup.

simple accessories women forty and ove

Honey, the mojo was back in this photo featuring my red jeans and middle-age style!  The jacket is so unusual, I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it. But, it was adorable with these red pants.  Something a little unexpected.  This is also the day Prince passed. Sad bummer day.

Red jeans outfitMy accessories were gold-toned. My eyes were fabulous and I was working a burgundy lip.  All in all, I felt good this day…besides the fact that one of my favorite artists passing away.

accessesories for women in 40s

Peep me in these white jeans before summer actually began! I love denim with white slacks or jeans. I added a purple tee for a pop of color (and because Prince had died).  Now, I took this pic EXACTLY one day after the red jeans .  Isn’t it fascinating how my favorite denim jacket added pounds for my form?  I still love it for some reason, but the cut isn’t the most flattering. It’s boxy silhouette should prompt me to give it away.


outfit with white pants

I think a closer fitting jacket would serve me and my forty-something style better.  Something like this one.

Look at this necklace!  Isn’t it a perfect match or what? Child, straight from the Charming Charlie clearance rack! It’s a channeling of my inner “Iris”.

accessorizing purple

That’s it.  Hopefully my next pics will render a slimmer 40something me. We’ll see.

ageless style

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