Pizza Hut Skinny Pizzas

Pizza Hut Skinny Pizzas?

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You may have heard of Pizza Hut’s Skinny Pizzas?

No? Well, I did and let me tell you… it was ok.  I wanted it to be AMAZING, AWESOME AND LIFE-CHANGING. But, it wasn’t

I’m still on my weight loss journey and I started the afternoon with the best of intentions. Those noble nutritional intentions led me to Chick-Fil-A for their delectable Grilled Market Salad. Have you tried that? Now, that’s amazing. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I am a huge fan of all their salads. But, this particular one sends me to the moon! It has blue cheese, berries, a nut blend package and crispy lettuce.

I topped it with the Reduced-fat Berry Dressing- also on their menu.

Sheer yumminess and almost guilt-free. Almost. Back to the pizza.


Altogether, this slice bought my lunch point budget to a hefty 10 on the (former) Weight Watcher Points Plus® plan. I know the plan has changed to Smart Points, but I haven’t logged it. Another reason is because I don’t see Skinny Pizzas on the Pizza Hut website the midwest area of the country in which I live.  Maybe they were a pilot.  But, they are not as boldly advertised as they were before.  In fact, I had to dig to find this link: I’m going to try to order them in my area to see if they will make it for me.


So, when I could find Pizza Hut Skinny pizza, I topped it with pepperoni. Sure, I wanted more meat, but that would be more points. No thanks.

I know you are undoubtedly dying know hear my first impressions of any product that has the nerve to put the word ‘skinny’ next to ‘pizza’?

Well, here it is:

  • Honey, it’s just a pizza with a slightly thinner crust. I would have done about the same damage with Pizza Hut’s Thin and Crispy pizza.  I would have done even better had I made a pizza with cauliflower crust or layered the cheese on a whole wheat tortilla.


  • As far as flavor goes, I wasn’t “wowed” in the least. It was one of those things where you are neither impressed nor disappointed – you just eat it. I wish this pizza had a spicier sauce or something. That would have perked it up a bit.


  • I will say it was slightly less greasy than the pan pizzas I’ve had in the past. I liked that.

Pizza hut skinny pizza

Pizza Hut says the slices are sliced smaller than regular pizza slices. Does that mean they make the pie smaller?   Could they be just trying to make you feel a bit better about eating pizza? Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Something funny: as soon as you select “skinny pizza” from the drop down menu, this message pops up.

“Our Skinny Slice Recipes are only 250 calories or less per slice. Or, you can create your own or try another recipe on Skinny Slice Crust for just 300 calories or less per slice.

If you create your own or try another recipe, just make sure you only use red sauce and no more than 7 toppings (3 meat toppings max). Sorry, no doubling up on the cheese or toppings, and no sauce drizzles or crust flavors, please. Calorie reductions are based on a thinner crust and balanced portion of toppings. Not a reduced calorie food. Just a smarter portion size.”

But, according to the company’s nutrition PDF, it really doesn’t seem to have drastically fewer calories than the others pies.

Anyway, as for my Weight Watchers Points®, I spent 6 on one slice (on the old plan, mind you). That’s not too bad. Bear in mind, the regular pepperoni hand-tossed would have been 7 points. A Thin and Crispy pepperoni would have also been 6.

As for cost, it was only $11.84 in my geographical area (Kansas City baby!) That’s about the same price as all their large varieties during the current specials.

Would I order it again…if it were in my area? Yes. It scratched my pizza “itch” without too much damage to my daily Points® allotment. My only shocker is that I ate only one slice. But, I ate it very slowly – savoring every bite.

Another option is the thin and crispy crust. I’m not as much of a fan of that crust as I am the Skinny Pizza.  The crunch is just weird and reminds me of an Italian tostada (is that a thing?).

Hey, have you tried any of Pizza Hut’s Skinny Slice Pizzas yet? What did you think?

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