best foundation for forty something skin

Best foundation for forty something skin

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Wondering what is the best foundation for forty something skin? 

Ready for my best picks?  I have great picks for foundation for 40-something skin and other products I love to use to look and feel younger.  I do have affiliate links in this post, but I promise, they are products I have tried and I love!

best foundation for forty something skin

Still working on learning to blend properly

I’ve been unfaithful and I’m not even a little ashamed.  Don’t worry; I’m not talking about my husband, Silly.  I love that bugger. No, I’m talking about my favorite makeup brands. Thankfully, the best makeup for women over 40 is not always incredibly expensive.  For years, I’ve experimented and discovered the cheaper ones often deliver just as good as the pricier ones.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my skin is much dryer than in my 20s and 30s, so my products must meet my moisture needs as well as make me beautiful. So, here’s what’s new for me.

Best makeup for women over 40
Look at those messy bottles. I still use this stuff too.:)

Remember my last post about my cosmetics for forty something skin? If so, you recall me raving about Revlon’s Colorstay foundation (being cuddled by the bear).  I still like this product for a soft, non-drying matte look. But I’ve been unfaithful to Revlon and been spending time with my old love – MAC.

The Mineralize Moisture SPF 15  goes on smoother and gives me a soft, youthful, dewy look. Depending which way my 40 something hormones are behaving on any particular day, a dewy, pigmented look brings me life.

Setting foundation on older skin

Again, the best makeup for women over 40 is not always the higher brands I’ve found at Nordstrom. So, I still love my NYX Face Powder High Definition in Banana to set. Sorry, MAC, this works just as good as the Prep and Prime I used to use.  It’s under $10 and locks my foundation in place all day. A little goes a long way.

Another one I like is E.L.F.-  great product line that works well for my older skin.  I especially like their E.L.F. BB Cream.  It’s much lighter than foundation and can be used under my MAC if I’m feeling particularly dry that day.

On average, though, who needs all that product? That’s why I opt for one or the other most of the time. It all depends on my desired look and mood.

For my next over 40 fav, I just have to say two words:  Coastal Scents. Coastal Scents has been around since 2005.  They are owned by K-Plex LLC.  My only “beef” is they actually broadcast their target market is younger people or “demographics of teenage girls to mid thirty-year-old woman”.  Read more at the Coastal Scent “About Us” webpage.

That bugged me a bit, but not enough to stop using the product at this time.

Coastal Scents does not include us in their target market, but they meet two other criteria:

1) it works on my 40-something skin and

2) it doesn’t break the bank. I love them so much I became a willing affiliate!

I grabbed this the blush (below) at one of the discount stores – either Ross Dress for Less or Burlington. Don’t remember which, but I quickly fell in love with it. The eye shadows are great As a matter of fact, I just left their side to buy some shadow and found a few other items. I’ll include them below.

Anyhoo, I simply adore Coastal Scents blush palette!  Blush trips me up.  Not the application of it, but because I have yellow undertones to my African-American caramel skin. Some blush shades either fade on me or deliver a muddy caste.  NEVER Coastal Scents; it delivers! Boy, does it ever.  This product is highly pigmented, but still super easy to blend.

I did the blush down in the above pic.  A little product goes a long way.

Like with most online shopping, I visited the Coastal Scents site and found some other things I wanted. I loved getting the pretty pink package! Sometimes, we snub the less-expensive cosmetic brands; but we shouldn’t be such makeup snobs.

I’ll share my results soon!



Next, I’m going to try a beauty box:


  1. I love MAC products! For my foundations I tend to use high end brands because the drug store one’s tend to break my face out badly. Not sure why. I’ve never used any products from Coastal Scents but I’ve heard they are a really good brand. I need to try out their products.

    1. I used to have the same problem (when I was in my 20s). Try Coastal Scents on the inside of your elbow first. If it breaks out there, no one will know. That’s my favorite test area for new products. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Even though I just wrote about my vanity and midlife, I still am drawn to anything that will make me look better! I appreciate your suggestions..anything to add a little brightness and feel good!! You look great in makeup!

    1. Me too! Im a makeup addict for sure. I’m gonna head over and check out your post as well. Thanks for commenting! 💕💕💕

    1. I haven’t! I will have to check her out. I may have grabbed a lipstick on vacation from one of those outlet stores. 🙂 But, I’ll see if she has a foundation for me. I’m always looking. Thanks!!!!

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