planning my points for the day

Staying in my Weight Watchers Point Budget

In my last post I shared my decision to relax my natural hair.  That post was likely only of interest to a few.  But, this one is a more universal (although not new) topic.

It’s weight loss!!!

Honey, this subject is all too familiar to me – especially since middle-age creeped upon me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: weight loss over 40 is a doosey! So many bodily factors work against weight loss efforts and it makes it difficult for us…uh…seasoned girls to slim down and stay down.

But, I’m determined. After trying what seems like a million diet plans, Weight Watchers has been my best resource for lasting results, so I’m back on that wagon. I do the program online.

Staying on the Weight Watchers wagon is trickier than zipping my favorite black dress without shapewear.  It’s the freedom to choose that trips me up sometimes.

As you know, they give you a points limit.  You can’t lose the pounds if you eat foods that exceed your points limit. Kind of like money. One can never acquire wealth if you overspend constantly.budgeting weight watchers points

See my lunch choices to the right. I had an odd breakfasts and an even weirder lunch, but I stayed within the points. I find this to be something of a fail because I didn’t make wise choices. Figuring out how to make good choices and balance the points is a chore for me. I keep running out! I need a plan.

Eureka! I needed to figure a budget for my daily points so I won’t continually go over them.

Thirty points (30) is my Smart Points™ target each day and I can’t exceed that (by much) on a regular. This is so hard for me, so I sometimes will allow myself a few extra points a day.  This is totally allowed!  I pull them from the Weekly Points the program allows you for the oopses and oh nos. I get 35 of those babies every Monday.

Here is how I’ll try to budget those points on a regular weekday:

Breakfast – I won’t exceed 5 points for this meal (I may do an egg, egg whites, oat meal pack or a GNC protein shake).

Snack – This will be something worth zero like fruit or veggies with more than 2 points of protein (I may opt for a Weight Watchers shake made with water).

Lunch – I won’t go over 10 points  here.  This is easy if I do a salad or a lettuce wrap.

Dinner -This meal won’t be over  9 points.

Snack – I’m sticking to fruit or some veggie at zero points and pair it with no more than 4 points of protein. My protein could be turkey pastrami or deli meat.

I’ll plan to  stick to this template intensely for the work week. If I get in trouble, I’ll pull some from my goldmine of Weekly Points.

So, what if “life” happens? You know what i mean. What will I do when I have lunch with a friend or attend a party?

That’s when I’ll shuffle a bit. Here is how:

Breakfast – 2 points

Snack –  zero point

Lunch – 20

Dinner – 7

Snack – zero or 2 points

With 20 points, I can go with my friend and enjoy a lunch in just about any restaurant and still be on plan.

You’re wondering how I’ll have a 2 point breakfasts, aren’t you?  I’d grab a boiled egg or scramble some egg whites. I could even do an apple or orange with a small piece of cheese or hummus.

Dinner could be a Smart One ™ frozen meal worth no more than 7 points. I could even do a tuna pouch wrapped in butter lettuce. Or yummier still, I could do lettuce wrap tacos made with ground turkey breast, cabbage with ground turkey or something else very light.

Saturdays or Sundays will be my splurge days.  Now, that doesn’t mean go absolutely crazy and eat everything in sight. No! Doing that will not serve my goal for a healthy lifestyle and could impede weight loss.  Instead, I’ll indulge a little here and there and hopefully end the week with unused Smart Points™.

Finally, I’ll start moving a bit more. But, that’s another day. Can’t even think about it right now. Hey, I’m being honest!

So, that’s it.  My plan is to budget those points and juggle them when needed. That may be nothing new for others on the the Plan, but for me, I need structure inside structure.  Does that make sense?

What’s your weight loss or healthy lifestyle plan?





My low cal comfort soup

Really crazy day. 

Have you ever had one of those days where one phone call led to troubling news?  Then you get another crazy phone call that leads to more bad news?  Thank God, everything is OK (or at least manageable) but the day indeed took a toll. C

omfort food….that’s what I needed!

Yes, I needed something warm, yummy and reassuring.

But, my hips screamed I’d received a little too “comfort” in the weeks previous.  So, I had to adapt my “comfort” to something low-cal or low-carb.

I decided on a soup. Not much was in my pantry nor my fridge, so I had to be creative.

All I had was:

1 can of cannelloni beans

A can of diced tomatoes

Some beef boullione and a small tub of broth (I used about 2 and a half tablespoons of the powered boullion)

1 onion (chopped)

1 bell pepper (chopped)

4 cloves of garlic (minced)

1 package of  Steamfresh® Protein Blends (Italian Style) find these in the frozen vegetables aisle

2 lbs ground turkey

1 bay leaf

Salt and pepper…I use sea salt

I put a little bit of canola oil (2 tablespoons) into my Dutch oven. Then I added the chopped veggies. I lightly seasoned them because I like to add flavor in layers.

I sautéd the veggies as is my custom.  I gave the onions and the peppers a little stir and then I added the garlic. When it  softened, I remove them from the heat. It usually takes only about five minutes.
I added my ground turkey to the Dutch oven.  I broke up the pieces while it browned. I seasoned it with a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper.

Once the ground turkey was brown, I tossed in my veggies. Then I added the diced tomatoes and the beans.  I sprinkled a little basil… just for another level of flavor.

At this point, I boiled about 4 cups of water in a pot and added my bouillon  and a pod of the broth. I gave it a little stir and then added it to the rest of the items in my Dutch oven. 

It was already smelling REALLY good. At this point, I added the protein pack. You’re going to love this. It has beans, spinach, all kinds of yumminess! I add a tad of sugar to everything because  that’s what Sweetie Pie’s Robbie Montgomery does.  She said her mom taught her to “add a little sugar to everything to take the edge off”. 😀. Not sure what “edge” she meant, but if it was good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.

 I dropped in a bay leaf  and that was it.

Check your seasonings and adjust as necessary. Cover and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove your bay leaf and serve hot.


I relaxed my natural hair

I relaxed my natural hair

At times, I still can’t believe I actually did it.  But, I did.

My naturalista friends will want to shake me because I relaxed my natural, chemical-free hair.

In case you’re not clued in, let me tell you the dissension over straighteners in the Black community is real! It almost makes me apprehensive writing this post. So, I’ll begin by saying my personal choice (emphasis on personal) is in no way judgement against women who choose (emphasis on choose) to wear their (emphasis on their) hair in it’s natural state. Continue reading

My featured image is not showing on WordPress

I’m so incredibly mad at my blog.  Can’t you see the frustration in my face? Or does it look more like constipation?


I’ve been having trouble with my layout and theme, so I deactivated all my plugins.  So, I’m creating this post to see if that remedied the problem.

So, this blog post will soon disappear as it is only an experiment.

Cross your fingers…