My featured image is not showing on WordPress

I’m so incredibly mad at my blog.  Can’t you see the frustration in my face? Or does it look more like constipation?


I’ve been having trouble with my layout and theme, so I deactivated all my plugins.  So, I’m creating this post to see if that remedied the problem.

So, this blog post will soon disappear as it is only an experiment.

Cross your fingers…

ageless style

My Forty-something Style Returns…

I was inspired to take a few shots of my over 40 outfits after watching a Netflix doc on fashion icon, Iris Apfel.

Well into her 90’s, she wears exactly what she wants and does so with such posh, artistic flair. It made me ponder. Now, if she can “werk” in her mid-90s, surely I can serve up a little something in my 40s, right? Continue reading


Prince is gone…but not forgotten

Prince is gone. Here is my 40-something take. A Gen-Xer dealing with the loss.


Today at work, after I got news that Prince passed away, I was really affected by it. I mean I felt a lump in my throat. I just couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t know him personally, we didn’t’ grow up together, nor did he attend Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Still, I felt such a bitter and stinging a sense of loss. Continue reading


Being a blogger over 40

Being a 40 something blogger is tough.

#blogger life is hard!

Writing has always been consistent joy in my life. As a little girl, I could write my thoughts and convey my concerns in ways I never could verbally. My deepest thoughts seemed to seep through my fingers and onto the pages of my journal.

Want to hear something funny? Continue reading