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Over 40 outfits – Ideas and Thoughts

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The woes of my over 40 outfits and my over-sized life.

I’ll be honest.

I haven’t posted an OOTD (Outfit of the day) look in a while and I have a good reason. Let me not toy with you.  My reason is I’ve gained so much weight.  I mean lots!  This weight rendered me reluctant to take photos or even look at them.

In fact, when I search my fav hashtags like #over40style or #over40fashionblogger, I see so many slim, super cute ladies my age or older.  Understand me, I ‘m not prone to insecurity or anything, I’m just aware.  All that said,  I snapped out of my funk and decided not to hide my contributions to these hashtags any longer. So, here’s my humble contribution to all the over 40 outfits ideas out there!

I’ve already hashed (no pun intended) my issues, challenges and some success in  other posts. No need for that in this post.

Over 40 outfits – Look #1

So for my first look, I opted for what I call “happy pants”.  They are anything that combines stylish with an elastic waist.  These qualify.  They are in my life because of a speedy stop at Cato.  I got the vest there too. Sorry the pic is so cloudy.  It was a gloomy day in Missouri.  One day I’ll learn how to make Photoshop “sing”, but not there yet.

Accessories for an over 40 look? I went for this Afrocentric-inspired neck cuff. I picked it up at St. Louis. mall.  It reminds me of my heritage while making any outfit pop.

Silver hoop earrings are my rut.  I wear them with just about anything.  Branching out and trying other earrings is on my “to do” list. But, for this outfit – those pants and that large, over-stated necklace – I kept it simple with the hoops. Also, notice I was still sporting my over 40 crochet braids!

Over 40 outfits – Look #2

Enter Christopher & Banks  for this next everyday workplace casual look.

First, let me tell you, I was not as grouchy as I look in this pic.  I was just trying to snap a picture of the sunglasses. 🙂 I hit the button too soon – while trying to find it and hold up the phone. LOL

I eased myself into another pair of earrings. I wanted to wear the hoops though. I really did. Want to hear something funny? These made so much noise!  I felt like I was being stalked by Santa’s sleigh.

Oh well, they worked the outfit pretty good, don’t you think?

This sparkly, blue top is from Christopher Banks. I wish you could see it in person.  Beautiful!

More “happy pants”.  I believe these were from another Cato trip.  I first discovered Cato in Marshall, Missouri.  I was hanging out with my kiddo who attended Missouri Valley College. Fell in love with that place!  Now, we have one in Blue Springs, Missouri and Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Yaaas!

Is there a Cato near you?  If so, check it out!

Over 40 outfits
Of all my Over 40 outfits this was the most comfortable.

QVC – Women with Control. If I were to review this line by QVC, I would give it two thumbs up!  Not only is it figure-flattering, it’s easy and even fun to wear!  It hides the lumps and bumps that are part of my current reality.

You know I love that.  However, this dress offers so much more!  Designer,  Renee Greenstein has somehow incorporated a sort of movement and flow into the design that makes the dress almost fairytale-like.  It really is fun to wear.

Over 40 outfits – Look #3

It was too long…or am I short?
My only criticism is that it runs a bit long for my personal liking.  Still, that’s no deal-breaker for me. I simply love this dress.  Sunday, someone said I looked like the “Queen of Sheba” – I’ll take that ! *two snaps*

Women of color with yellow undertones look great in jeweled tones.  I need to buy more items in these shades.

What handbag did I wear with this Over 40 outfit?  
I chose a gold-toned number I’ve had a hundred years.

Over 40 outfits – Look #4

Over 40 outfits - Look #1

This is my favorite outfit of all four.  Peep that jacket!!!!  It’s one of those pieces that will take any outfit from “OK” to “Amazing!”. The jacket is Peter Nygard. You can find his designs at your local Dillard’s. The pants are Christopher & Banks.

I hope you liked my over 40 outfits this past week. Also, wish me luck as I work to make better choices on my current Weight Watchers journey!

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