Olive Garden Weight Watchers Smart Points for Lunch.

Olive Garden Weight Watchers Smart Points for Lunch.

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Olive Garden Weight Watchers Smart Points for Lunch.

Ready for a handy list of Weight Watchers Smart Points for your next trip to Olive Garden? Yes? Well, I’ve got you covered. Not only can you check out my Weight Watchers points post featuring both Olive Garden and Chili’s, but you can scroll to see lunch options that work for Weight Watchers.  This will be one of those posts you’ll want to save for your next lunch date at Olive Garden. Or, put the title “Olive Garden Weight Watchers Smart Points for Lunch” in your phone so you can Google it later.

The data I used in my app was from Olive Garden’s Nutritional Guide. You can view it here:  https://media.olivegarden.com/en_us/pdf/olive_garden_nutrition.pdf

As I suspected, the calorie count  listed on the menu is not the end all as it pertains to Weight Watchers.  I’m not even sure it’s a start. It’s misleading, that’s what it is. A menu item with a low-calorie count can wreak your Weight Watchers points for the entire day. It can be listed as 300 calories, but have so many carbs, sugars and fat that it consumes your 30 Smart Points for the day. When you get a chance, check out how I typically budget my Weight Watchers Smart Points.

Hey, if you’re not on Weight Watchers formally, you can still use these Points as a guideline.  Most people who join get 30 Points a day. So, if you see something is 21 Points, you know it’s likely a terrible choice for someone on a weight loss path.

You see, Weight Watchers factors carbs, sugars, unhealthy fats and protein to configure the points values.  I love that it’s comprehensive in that way.  I also love that it’s flexible, efficient and easy to implement. Now, with my Weight Watchers list of Olive Garden’s lunch options – it’s even easier!

How Many Weight Watchers Points in Olive Garden’s Lunch Menu? 

Eggplant Parmigiana Bread Stick Sandwich
21 Smart Points
(I think what “does it” is the 320 calories from fat, not to mention the breadstick “bun”)

*Spaghetti with Meat sauce (mini pasta bowl)
12 Smart Points

Italian Meatball Bread Stick Sandwich
21 Smart Points
(I think the bread and the fat will get you into trouble here)

Lasagna Classico
22 Smart Points

Italian Meats & Cheese Piadina 
27 Smart Points

Grilled Vegetable & Cheese Piadina
21 Smart Points

Fettuccine Alfredo Mini Pasta Bowl
26 Smart Points

*Shrimp Scampi
18 Smart Points

*Tilapia Piccata
11 Smart Points

*Chicken Piccata
10 Smart Points

Ravioli di Portobello (my favorite)
21 Smart Points
(no longer my favorite)

*Chicken Margarita (lunch portion)
10 Smart Points

Herb-Grilled Salmon
12 Smart Points

It’s clear to see which are the best options for our Weight Watchers journey.  In fact, I added an asterisk (*) to the best choices. You’ll notice that I only listed two piadinas because we can clearly see they are all pretty high – even the veggie version. Let me list some drink options for you. Olive Garden Weight Watchers Smart Points for Lunch are easy to find…if the restaurant shares their nutritional information.  I’m so glad Olive Garden has.

Olive Garden Salad-Weight Watchers Smart Points

The Famous Olive Garden Salad without Croutons is only
4 points with the dressing.

If you indulge in the croutons,
you’ll be looking at 5 points.

Breadsticks ring in at
4 points if you ask them to old the garlic butter spread.

Olive Garden Breadsticks
are 5 points with the spread.

Thirsty? Weight Watchers Points for Drinks at Olive Garden

Café Latte
7 smart points

6 Smart Points

Raspberry Lemonade
6 Smart Points

Bellini Peach Raspberry Tea adds
4 Smart points (be careful of refills)

Note: When you see the “*” above, it’s a good option for lunch!

Have you lost a significant amount of weight? How did you do it? Did you exercise during the process or just watch your food intake? What worked for you?  I’d even love to hear about someone you knew who lost weight successfully. Share your knowledge, please!

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