Best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s

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Note: I updated this post to give you Weight Watchers Freestyle SmartPoints for the restaurant Houlihan’s.  Now, here is the original post: 

Today I visited one of my favorite go-to restaurants, Houlihan’s. I really love the menu and the food, but it is a tough place to go on Weight Watchers. I try to think ahead and plan for He high SmartPoint values, but I rarely do. I always find myself sitting at the table (server waiting) trying to figure out the best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s. I’m usually at the restaurant searching Twitter on my phone #WeightWatchers.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy. That place must cook everything in butter and drown it in sugar before dipping it into fat. The SmartPoints values are insanely high. But, it is possible to enjoy a meal with some of my best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s list. 🙂

Note:  To give you some perspective, when most people
join Weight Watchers they are given about 30 points
for the day and 35 they can use (borrow from) throughout the week.

Let’s start with good Weight Watchers SmartPoints options at Houlihan’s:

You’re better off with:
*Organic edamame (without dipping sauce)
4 points

Organic steamed potstickers
14 SmartPoints

Char-Crusted Ahi Tuna
11 SmartPoints

Steer clear of Advocado Toast (895 calories – no point in calculating Smart Points – it will be HIGH)

Chicken Lettuce wraps 30 SmartPoints (This has 55 grahams of sugar.  Freestyle doesn’t like sugar)

Weight Watchers  Freestyle SmartPoints for Houlihan’s Salads

House Chop Salad with cheddar
9 SmartPoints

House Chop Salad with Bleu Cheese
10 SmartPoints too



Houlihans Buffalo Bleu salad at Houlihans

Zucchini and basil pesto salad
16 SmartPoints

Caesar Salad
12 Smartpoints

The Heartland Chicken Salad – Grilled (may be regional as I’m in the heartland).

Best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan's
Never quite looks like the pic on the menu, does it?

Zucchini & Basil Peso Salad
16 Smart Points

The best low-point Houlihan’s salad for your Weight Watchers lunch

The absolute best salad dressing choice is the low-fat ranch with only 3 SmartPoints!!!!

Ranch dressing is  8 points

Vinegrette is also 8 points

Before you add Grilled Mediterranean Chicken – know their version is 19 SmartPoints.

Know that seared bank scallops calculate at 13 SmartPoints.

Want to add Atlantic salmon as your protein? It is 8 SmartPoints.

Best Sandwich Option at Houlihans

Fish Tacos is one of the best  Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s!
Fish tacos combo are only 14 SmartPoints (Yes, Freestyle)

Southwest chicken wrap combo comes in at 13 SmartPoints.

In the mood for soup? The French onion soup with provolone and croutons is 11 SmartPoints.

If the Tomato Bisque is the same as the Tomato Soup with Cheese Fritters, then its 14 SmartPoints.Weight Watchers smartpoints houlihans

Power Greens Salad (no dressing)
8 Freestyle Smart Points

Chicken Tortilla Soup
8 Smart Points

Signature Tuscan Salad
15 Smart Points

Loaded Guacamole – HH
11 Points
You can request celery instead of chips.

Barbecue Chicken Flatbread
12 Smart Points

Fish and Chips w/slaw
Fish 8 points (slaw not listed separately so likely included in the 8 value points)
Fries are 12 points
Dill sauce will only take it up higher. Maybe get the fish with a side salad.

Be careful to the yummy cookie the servers gives you free (or least I always get one). I couldn’t calculate it’s SmartPoints value because the amount of sugar was missing. But, I’m sure it’s astronomical!

Best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan's

My hope is to help you help you find the best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s restaurants.  Click here to view comprehensive nutritional information for Houlihans:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope my list of the very best Weight Watchers options at Houlihan’s made your next trip just a bit healthier!

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