Popcorn Heaven in Kansas City

My Experience at Popcorn Heaven in Kansas City

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Let me tell you about my experience
at Popcorn Heaven in Kansas City!

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve bragged on my hometown.  My last KC-inspired blog post was just after the Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series.

Aaaaah memories. *Sigh*

Lots of cities have westports. Have you noticed that?  Does yours?

Anyway, Kansas City’s Westport is hipster-central with tons of cute boutiques, yummy food joints and now something totally unexpected.  The other day while dropping off my mom’s television equipment to what used to be Time Warner, I landed in heaven – popcorn heaven.

Popcorn Heaven (that’s the real name) is very unassuming in it’s placement.  The above-head sign is a temporary banner.  There is no signage outside the door luring you in.  It’s just there and I’m so glad it is.

What is Popcorn Heaven in Westport


My son, mom and I sauntered in.  The décor was homey, simple and pleasantly welcoming. Let me explain it this way: if you’re a blogger or writer, you know the importance of white space on a page.  Too many words can look like clutter and be off-putting.  I think the same is true for décor. Popcorn Heaven is a small spot, but it renders lots of visual “white space” with it’s fresh and open layout.  It gives one the feeling of being in a  bright and airy place. You sort of want to hang out there a bit – at least I did.

A Warm Welcome at Popcorn Heaven

Then there is Whitley.  She’s the beautiful soul behind the counter.  She quickly welcomes whoever comes in the door and doesn’t allow one moment for confusion or overwhelm.  She’s quick to greet you and help you find your popcorn groove.

She patiently explains the size options, the flavor choices and even offers endless samples. My ten-year-old was quick to take advantage of that!  Honey, he sampled flavors to his heart’s content; Whitley was un-phased.   Describing the product, she speaks with such passion you feel like it’s her first spiel, but it’s not.  I discovered that when the next set of patrons entered Popcorn Heaven.  She was just as sweet and accommodating with them. I think that’s just who she is and she’s that way with everyone. Maybe that vibe is the warm, friendly culture of Popcorn Heaven in Kansas City.

My mom and I tried only one flavor and decided that was what we wanted.  Mom decided on cheese (I know, right?)  Fifty flavors at Popcorn Heaven and mom goes for cheese.  You gotta love her.  I went for Banana Pudding and my kiddo opted on cherry.

Popcorn Heaven has a great selfie wall!
They should call this wall the selfie wall! 🙂

The popcorn gave me a pleasant “flashback”…

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is NOT your typical flavored popcorn.  They’ve mastered something special.  It has a candy-coating that makes it decadent and boisterous. It produces a burst of flavor like no other popcorn I’ve ever tasted.  My Banana Pudding popcorn reminded me of the best part of a banana-flavored Laffy Taffy while being both crispy and luscious. It’s almost creamy. You know what else it reminds me of?  Are you old enough to remember the candy called Now and Laters?  We abbreviated the name to “Now Laters” back in the day. This popcorn flavor reminds me of the banana ones.  My cousin likes the peach cobbler flavor. Yum!

Popcorn Heaven could have stopped with the intense, amazing flavor, but they went even further.  They crafted a texture combination that blew my mind! This mysterious popcorn is crispy, crunchy, and even somehow creamy! I know it sounds strange, but it works. The crunch is supplied by what’s inside the bag.  Guess what it is!  It’s small pieces of crumbled vanilla wafer cookies!  The wafers cluster with the mildly sticky yumminess to naturally create mini-popcorn balls in the bag. What a texture delight! The popcorn is mostly loose, but I love those little clusters that form. I could have sworn I mentally saw psychedelic colors after I got some of that crushed cookie with my popcorn bite!

Popcorn heaven kcmo

Honestly, I can’t explain this stuff.  It’s like popcorn, candy and dessert all rolled into one! How they made popcorn mimic a southern dessert I’ll never know.  Popcorn that’s creamy, gooey and smooth – all at the same wonderful time!

Back to reality…

I’m not sure how many Weight Watchers points are in this heavenly popcorn and I don’t think I care. This stuff is part of my life from now on – plain and simple.

It’s nice to have a reason to go to Westport again.  In years past, a delectable gourmet ice cream shop was my primary reason to drive to mid-town Kansas City (Westport).  But, the owner retired and Murray’s Ice Cream went bye-bye. I’m going to miss my favorite ice cream flavor called “Fred and Ginger”.  It was a ginger-flavored ice cream with ginger snaps blended inside. Yeah,  I thought I was pretty much through with that part of town except for the occasional lunch date with a girlfriend.

banana pudding popcorn

Not so! Now, I have Popcorn Heaven.  Hello, again Westport!!!  I’m already plotting my next visit. So is my kid. In fact, we were there just yesterday and he’s already begging to go back. One thing I’ll guarantee you… we will.  Very soon.

Visit Popcorn Heaven online here https://www.popcornheavenkc.com/.  PLUS, Popcorn Heaven offers online ordering for those out of state. You must try this stuff!  The online store is https://squareup.com/store/popcorn-heaven.

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  1. Wow! Stumbled upon this piece of heaven last weekend and I can’t wait to return. Best service, and amazing popcorn! Too afraid to figure out the WW points, but worth the indulgence.

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