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Tim Ferriss tips on Dr. Oz Show

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I found Tim Ferris tips on Dr. Oz Show!
He gave some really useful tips .

During one of my unusual mornings home, I caught an episode of the Dr. Oz Show – the perfect way to start the morning on a day off. “Today’s Take” used to be my favorite morning indulgence, but since Tamron Hall and Al Roker aren’t hosting, it’s a bust for me. That’s why I landed on ABC to watch the Tim Ferriss Tips on Dr. Oz’s Show.

This Ferriss guy is known as the “4 hour guru”. His book focuses on how to be [more] effective with less effort. He says he interviewed top athletes and highly productive people to find out what these folks do to be efficient. I love a good short cut as much as the next over-40 girl, so he had my ear from Jump Street!

Tim began the segment with an exercise in cutting cake.

“Cake?! I like him already”, I thought to myself sipping my morning coffee from my favorite mug.

He simply asked Dr. Oz to cut the cake (not the cheese) with what he referred to as an “expensive” kitchen knife. After the typical “Oz-ical” surgeon joke, he accomplished the easy task. The end result looked about like a cake would look after I cut it. The slice looked a little jagged and rendered a few orphan crumbs. Still, it was sliced – nothing fancy; just a simple piece of cake on a plate.

Now it was Ferriss’ turn. He proceeded to cut the cake with dental floss, stretched very taut. It was sort of cool how much better his slices looked. Ferriss’ pieces were neat, crumb-free, and the remaining cake looked neater.  I think I recall him saying the floss technique is similar to the method bakers use to slice cakes.  I also think he may have done it quicker than Dr. Oz. I can’t wait to try this the next time I have cake – which will be a long, long time in the future because I’m still on my Weight Watchers plan and trying to budget those points.

They moved on to the “boost your energy” segment. Yay!!! I am always dragging and tired, so I need as many tips as I can get in this department. I need to keep the stamina going all day long. Dang! I can’t say or type the word “stamina” without thinking of that presidential debate. Scarred for life.


Tim Ferris said “top performers” have routines that successfully integrate the mind and the body in their “do less and get more” way of life.

His first recommendation was using simple exercises to recharge our nervous systems. Remember those little round thingies furniture movers put under heavy furniture to move it? He said you can use those little boogers for “micro-doses” of energy-boosting exercise.

The one activity he demonstrated (with Dr. Oz, of course) was a simple motion. First, you get on all fours. Place the little round things under the palms of your hands. Now, slide forward. This motion engages your arms and core for a simple exercise. Remember, the goal is not to go fast and burn calories. You’re just doing five to ten reps once or twice during the day to give you more energy. Would you try this? I think I might. If you want to buy some of those “thingies”, Target has them for under $7.00 (which means you can probably get them cheaper at Walmart ). The brand I found is called “Magic Sliders” Concave Utility Sliders.

Next, Tim introduced a solution for those late-afternoon energy crashes. Do you have this problem? I really don’t and if I feel sluggish, I’ll just get up and walk around. Works for me. What do you do? Tips welcome!!!

Tim Ferriss Tips on Dr. Oz Show
The 4-hour guru doing his thing with the furniture mover slides.

Tim likes what he calls Titanium Tea for an afternoon energizer. It’s a mix of something called pu-erh tea. I’ve never heard of it, but WebMD says it’s “ made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant” and it may lower cholesterol and blood fats called triglycerides.”

Hmmm? I’m going to have to try this and see what’s up.

Anyhoo, to the pu-erh tea, he adds a pinch of green tea, a little ginger and turmeric. After it steeps, he adds one to two teaspoons of coconut oil. Dr. Oz says you don’t [even] need sugar; but, he always says that.

He moved on to early morning rituals we can do for our best selves. He basically said as crazy as the world can be, morning rituals give us something we can control. So, control your bed. Tim says make it every day. Before I re-married, I never made my bed. I know, I know… I’m a bum. Maybe I should say I “was” a bum because I simply can never leave the house without making my bed nowadays.

Exercise … again. He said you should do some sort of exercise to jump-start the day. All you need is a minute of something – anything. Dr. Oz and Tim did push-ups on the bed. That won’t be my “go to” activity, but I might do something like squats. For some reason, I like squats. They’re fun.

Tim Ferriss Tips on Dr. Oz Show

Tim progressed to breakfast suggestions. He recommends maybe 30 grams of protein to start the day. His example was cottage cheese, with walnuts and cinnamon.

What about oatmeal??? Ugh! I love my oatmeal.

He went on to explain morning protein is a key component to increased energy and weight loss. I can do it; but I’ll miss my oatmeal.

What morning is complete without a nice, steaming cup of coffee? I love my morning coffee! I’m so glad Tim didn’t say get rid of it (mainly because it wouldn’t happen). Coffee, in my opinion, just tastes and smells so good. I drink it mostly for all those sensory benefits – smell and taste.

However, if you drink it for the caffeine alone, try a shot of grapefruit juice before. I guess it’s a well-known fact that grapefruit juice extends caffeine’s energy buzz. Have you heard that before?

Columbia University’s info central, called Alice, confirms the validity of this claim. Alice isn’t a waitress in Mel’s Diner, but a bunch of Columbia University’s researchers and health professionals answering questions. Reading Alice, I learned about caffeine toxicity. No worries, you’d have to drink tons (150 cups) of coffee with your grapefruit juice to put you in danger of that. Nonetheless, Alice confirms Tim’s claim that grapefruit shots extend the benefits of caffeine.

Did you happen to catch Tim Ferriss Tips on Dr. Oz Show?  If so, what did you get out of it?  Anything different from my take-a-ways?

I enjoyed that segment and learned a lot. If you want to learn more about Tim, visit his podcast at http://tim.blog/podcast. You can also join me in subscribing to his email list: http://fourhourworkweek.com. Check out his book “Tools for Titans” too!

Here are links to my sources today:

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Columbia University’s Alice


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  1. Sounds like you learned a lot from watching that show. I might have to try cutting my cake like that sometime so the pieces don’t come out so crumbly. I don’t think I’d be coordinated enough to use those furniture sliders to exercise. I do like the idea of push-ups off the bed or some other morning exercise. I usually take a morning walk.

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