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Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and wondered: Why do I look so old? Hey, if we’re blessed to acquire (and see) new days, we’re all getting older, but no one wants to look old, right? We want to look (and be) relevant, modern and cutting-edge in every single way. Doing so, attracts folks to us and we can share our friendship, knowledge and wisdom.

I’ve come up with a few reasons why we look older. Pin this so the next time you ask yourself “why do I look so old?” you’ll have this list to check:

  1. You wear old-fashioned, out of style clothes.
    Pinterest is your best friend, Girl! Check out the trends [that will work for your body type] and find ways to incorporate them into your own wardrobe. It’s easier than you might think to update an old look. Visit my board: Cute over 40 outfits I can sport.
  1. Your hairstyle is from the 80s.
    If you haven’t received a compliment on your hair in a while, you might have an old-fashioned hairstyle or just need a makeover. Maybe. See my afro puffs? Just wanted to post them. I was rocking the 70s, wasn’t I? However, if I wear them today, I’d look like I haven’t been taking my meds (for the record, I don’t have any meds – may need some – but, don’t have any). See my point?  What worked back in the day, doesn’t necessarily work now.

    blogger over 40
    Cute outfit, but wouldn’t work today – of lots of reasons. LOL
  1. Your foundation is making your skin look dry.
    I hate the matte look!  Whose idea was that anyway??? Those foundations make us over-40 women look like Bette Davis  in “What happened to Baby Jane”  (see below). Random: hey, did you see “FEUDBette and Joan”?  It was amazing! Loved it!

    Why do I look so old Feud: Bette and Joan
    Foundation should bring life…not look like death.
  1. Your concealer sinks into the fine lines under and around your eyes.
    At our age, the best thing to do is to be light-handed with under-eye concealer. Too much product is definitely going to sink into the fine lines and bring more attention to them. There is no way around it. Also, be sure to blend, blend, blend. It will help, but won’t sink as much as layers of product will do.
  1. You may need to lose a few pounds.
    I know I do. Nothing ages us quicker than extra weight. That’s a battle I fight daily. I’m working on it. Ugh.
  1. Your gray is dull and not striking.
    Gray hair is smokin’ hot, but not if it is dull and muddy looking. Get the right gray and you’ll look mod not odd. Some people add blue to to their gray to make it whiter.  I’m not there yet, so I don’t know.  Do you have any gray tips? If so, please comment.
  1. Your eyebrows are not arched.
    Arched brows are like a mini-face lift. It literally lifts the eye area. Don’t neglect the brows!
  1. You’re not using the right shade of foundation, concealer or blush.
    I look older when my foundation has an ashy undertone. This just means it doesn’t match. Make sure you’re using a color that brings life and not makes you look like my earlier Baby Jane reference
  1. Your face powder is too drying.
    Girl, all face powders are not created equal!  I didn’t know that until I tried Laura Mercier translucent, NYX HD Banana and Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.  These powders somehow float above my lines. If you’re using face power try those brands. I really love them.
  2. reasons you look old
  1. You’re not masking it all.
    You’re skimping on the regular mask routine? You must mask regularly to have flowing skin.  For best results, mask every week. The right product shrinks pores and reduces fine lines. It makes the skin look smooth and beautiful.
  1. Your accessories are from the 70s.
    Vintage pieces can work, but be sure to pair it with something modern, OK? Old-fashioned earrings can make your look seem dated. Check out Treska for great necklaces and earrings (affiliate link, but I love Treska!)

    old-fashioned earrings
    These earrings don’t work in this decade. #Heavy
  1. Your teeth are yellowing.
    If you drink coffee like I do, you deal with this one.  I like to brush with baking soda every so often to brighten my smile.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the lemon juice and baking soda routine.  Don’t leave it on long.  Also, pick the right lip color shade.  Blue reds seem to make my smile look brighter.  Not sure why, but they do for me. Here’s the new lip palette, I purchased from Coastal Scents.  I love the red in it.  I haven’t tried the pink yet. I keep it in my handbag find out what else is in there.
  1. You’re thinking like an old lady.
    Think young. Think vibrantly. Visit blogs like Aging as Gracefully as I Can to get an emotional boost from time to time.  You have lots of life left to live, Girl!  That’s it for me. What do you think?


  1. I’m 41 and started changing my routine. I take detox baths now and have a weekly self care routine to keep my skin glowing. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Youtube, I’m taking time to see what works for me now at 40 instead!

  2. I’m 45 and go without make-up unless for a special occasion. I use a moisturizer once or twice a week. any other women out here like me or am I the only one wearing a fresh face daily?

    1. I wish I could get away with it. Wearing makeup all my life has taken a toll on my skin. I feel I need it. You’re very fortunate! 🙂 I’m eager to see if there are others. We’ll see.:) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I agree with all of your thoughts Teri. I’m 60 this year and am told I don’t look it. I just try to have a good skin care routine and keep my hairstyle up to date. It is amazing how aging hairstyles can be.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

    1. Oh Yes, Sue. I think good skin care is the key. By the way, I LOVE your blog. Hope folks will check it out. 🙂

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