Blog directory for women over 40

Blog directory for women over 40

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Blogs for women over 40…

Give me a cyber “high-five”!

I’ve finally figured out my solution for a blog directory featuring blogs for and by women over 40.

As I mentioned in my previous post, before starting, I’d searched and searched for blogs for women over 40.  I never quite found one that met my specific needs as an older stylish mom, obsessed with beauty products and cooking great meals.  So, I created my own blog!

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Recently, I decided to create a directory for other bloggers over 40.  Maybe then it will be easier for others to find blogs for middle-aged women.

The idea part was easy. The work was finding a way to make it happen. Well, now I have!

I welcome all bloggers over 40 to submit blogs for the directory.

The blog categories I’d like to begin with are:

Inspiration and Christianity

Beauty and Fashion

Food and Drink

Family and Parenting


General Life Topics
(I’ll select one if you’re not sure)

Before you submit, please click here to read this page.

I’m sorry, I can only feature blogs written in English.

Ready to be listed for free? Great!

Click below and simply click “Create A Listing” button.

Blogs for Women over 40

Blogs for women over 40Support Me as I support you

Please add a link back to
Once you do, click here to contact me
and let me know where you’ve placed it.

The link is:

Final Note:

I am a hobby blogger I will update this page monthly. If you are a business or company, please contact me about advertising options.


    1. Thanks! Hope it serves as a way to spotlight other middle-age bloggers like myself. :). Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by. 😀

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