Over-40 Weight Watchers food adventure - Chili's Sunrise Burger

Over-40 Weight Watchers food adventure – Chili’s Sunrise Burger

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Chili’s Sunrise Burger – my over 40 Weight Watchers adventure.

I did it.  I ate it and, as a result, I’m carrying a little regret. My latest over-40 Weight Watchers food  – Chili’s Sunrise Burger adventure prompted this reflection and blog rant.

Losing weight over 40 is a booger of a task; can you relate? I try to keep on task, but every now and again I splurge and eat something I want. Well, on this particular day, it was Chili’s Sunrise burger with a sunny-side-up egg on top.  It also had bacon (sunrise, get it?) Sure, I could have opted for a Chili’s salad.  That would have been a great Weight Watcher choice, but I wanted a burger.  I mean I WANTED a BURGER!!!

I longed for a meaty, juicy, slightly complex burger.

So, I ordered the Sunrise Burger and waited eagerly for the nice server to bring it to me. I’ll admit I was a little excited. My recent meals had been a mental conveyor belt of lettuce (some cookies) and more veggies than I’ve eaten in my entire life. I’d make it through a chip-free day only to have the next day usher in more of the same.  I grew weary. Nevertheless, there’s no avoiding it. If I’m going to weigh what I want to weigh, I need to change the way I eat – plain and simple. So, boring, low-carb meals are my current mainstay.

All this said, it was kind of nice having a bit of anticipation for a meal.

When the Sunrise burger arrived, my heart did a little somersault. I’ve never had an egg atop my burger, but I was up for the feasting challenge.

Over-40 Weight Watchers food adventure - Chili's Sunrise Burger
What Chili’s promised me…

Carefully, I lifted the top bun and took a peek at the egg. I was expecting the bright, shiny yoke in the menu picture, but I didn’t get it.

Oh well.  That was not a deal breaker, so I dived in.

No, to be more accurate, I cut into it with a knife and fork.  In proud declaration, I removed that top bun to shave a few carbs from the meal.  Sadly, my yolk didn’t run.  It just sat there stubbornly solid, mocking me.

I wanted to stand up and scream “My egg is brokenMy egg is broken!”” but I still continued to eat it. I’m a foodie and a bit dramatic when it comes to my eats. However, I contained myself.

The first bite was tasty, but the firm yolk cheated me out of the delightful texture sensation I was expecting.

Man, I wanted that creamy yumminess from the half-cooked egg, paired with the moist, juicy beef that was worth every single Weight Watcher’s Smart Points ™ I spent. What I got was a firm egg that resembled a soft boiled one and a well-done patty.

Truthfully, the fault is mostly my own. Once I saw the egg was unsatisfactory and the patty was over-cooked, I should have returned it. But, the company was so engaging that the food became sort of secondary. Do you know what I mean?

Warning: if you’re doing Weight Watchers on your middle-age journey, run from this thing!  Run far and fast!

It is a whopping 28 points without the bun.  Remember I only ate the lower part of it, so I’d say mine was closer to 30 Smart Points.

Oh yeah, I had their fries. Although yummy and cooked perfectly, they likely boosted my Smart Points™ value up to 12 Smart Points Plus.  Then, of course, I had ketchup.  Add 5 points for that.


That’s a heck of a lot of points for one day for a burger that didn’t satisfy, right?  Next time, I’ll stick with the chicken fajitas minus the extras. That way, I’ll only sacrifice 11 Weight Watchers Smart Points™ for that splurge and it’s no doubt they will get the fajitas right.

If I had to give my burger of regret a letter grade, it would be a C+. I wouldn’t say it was bad, nor would I christen it fantastic either.

It was just alright. or as my nephew would say “Aight”.

Before you go to Chili’s on your next Weight Watchers burger trip, be better than me and check their nutritional info first:  https://www.chilis.com/docs/Chilis-Nutrition-Menu-Generic.pdf. Had I done that, I likely would have chose something else.

I love Chili’s for posting their nutrition information?  It’s such a big help for over 40 Weight Watchers like me.

So, there you have it, my latest over-40 Weight Watchers food adventure – Chili’s Sunrise Burger.  I hope it made you chuckle.


  1. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the burger! I hate eating well-done meat so I can totally relate. This post is making me crave a burger… just not this one! 😉

  2. There is nothing worse that getting an over cooked egg on a burger! I have been on WW for years and sometimes I just gotta leave my calculator at the door and indulge a little bit!!

    1. Please excuse the late reply, been a crazy season. I agree! I think I will try another burger with the egg on top. But, they messed up this experience for me 🙁

    1. Sorry for late reply. I agree. I think I’m just going to have to figure out how to keep the carbohydrates low. 🙁

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