eing an over 40 single woman on Valentine’s Day

Being an over 40 single woman on Valentine’s Day

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Are you a single woman over 40 stuck in the middle of February?  You know which holiday I mean. Don’t fret it because I’m here to give you 5 benefits of being an over 40 single woman on Valentine’s Day!

Girl, in this mad, mad world of romantic comedies and those morning show segments of young people proposing marriage on-air, it’s easy to get caught up in the mythical illusion of love American style.   I say myth, because there is so much more to real love than the stuff we see in movies and television.  But, you know that, right?

You’ve probably grown wiser as you’ve matured in years. I think it’s our choice to learn from our life lessons and those around us. If you’ve chosen the latter, then you might agree with my top 5 reasons being an over 40 single on Valentine’s Days doesn’t “bite” as much as some might think.

 over 40 single woman on Valentine’s Day

  1. You are smart enough to know Valentine’s Day is a bit of a gimmick.

The 20-somethings drunk the Kool-aid.  Many of them believe flowers, chocolates and Valentine’s gifts are really the stuff of which relationships are made. Bull!   The strength of a relationship has little to do with one day of the year!  As a seasoned woman over 40, you likely know that already which makes being single on Valentine’s Day not sting as much as it would if you were still drinking that fairy tale Kool-aid.

2. You are able to keep your “coinage” and not waste money.

I’m married, but when I was single, I respected my loot.  I also was that person that would break up before Valentine’s Day if the guy wasn’t quite up to par. Who wants to spend a grip on a guy (on one stupid holiday, mind you) who isn’t cutting the mustard year around? Single may mean you can spend that on yourself or someone you really love.  In fact, when I was single, I would save money for my own Valentine’s Day gift.  Girl, I’d take advantage of the sales and get myself some gorgeous diamond earrings in a heartbeat!

3. You can do whatever you want to do on Valentine’s Day.

Who needs the long waits at restaurants for food that will go straight to your pre-menopausal hips?  If you’re an over 40 single on Valentine’s Day you can decide to go out, opt to stay in, go visit a friend – whatever you want!  You can even invite your girlfriends over for a “Galentine’s Day” night of movies, food and games.

 4. You have older kids in your life (and maybe grandkids) to make your day sweeter.

When my oldest son got his first job, I learned this beautiful lesson.  Older children (and grown kids) can give the sweetest gifts and they mean so much.  My son’s thoughtfulness means he’s morphed into a kind, sensitive man who will likely be a kind, sensitive husband.  It’s not only a reflection of him as a man, but also on me as a parent.  I worked hard to teach him lessons on being thoughtful and caring. He learned them.  Now, I’m working on the little one.

5. You don’t have to roll over

Think about it.  No explanation needed. Hey, this blog is for grown-ups.

In conclusion:

I’m not stupid; a drawback exists with just about every benefit. I understand being single has it’s down points, but hopefully I’ve given you a few “high points”.

Did my top 5 list of benefits of being an over 40 woman on Valentine’s Day made you smile? If you’re waiting for something more in your romantic life, I wish you the speediest realization of that dream and pray you’re blessed with the man of your dreams.


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