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My Cheap Lipstick Review

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I tried Giordano Colors Lipstick… Here is my review…

Ross Dress for Less has so much great stuff!  It turns me into a total dork. There is so much to choose from and so much to see. When I go, I instantly feel that I need EVERYTHING (and anything) within reach.

Does it impact you that way or is it just me?

Anyway, if you haven’t been here, you’ll find  shampoo (then I suddenly need shampoo), sunglasses (I instantly need those too) and even skin care products (many of which I usually pass by at my drugstore).  Then there are the clothes, the kitchen supplies, decor items, gadgets and toys! The possibilities render me spellbound.

Back to the makeup.

I’m a bit of a makeup snob, so I was a little apprehensive about trying any of Ross’ cosmetics.  You never know how long they  been around and the packages always look like they’ve been through World War II or something. Looks like someone sat on them.

Then, one day I felt adventurous and decided to give them a try.

The lure of cheap lipstick…

When I saw a box of lipsticks in the bargain basket, I was curious. The brand, Giordano was new to me, but the package looked ok, so I threw it into the cart.

MAC is my favorite lipstick brand, so Giordano had some big shoes to fill. In fact, that’s why I  opted to do Giordano Colors Lipstick Review. I wanted to compare the two.

MAC never lets me down with their highly, pigmented colors rich in depth, shimmer and shine.  Not to mention staying power.  MAC lasts longer than almost any brand I’ve tried.  All in all, I’m a MAC junkie…I mean enthusiast.

So, I headed home to try my new “box” of Giordano lipstick.

Lipstick Application on my over 40 lips

I was initially struck by how smoothly the product applied. It really felt good on my lips. It was moist and had a lip balm sort of feel. Lip feel is important to me. Have you ever worn a lipstick that felt dry or nasty on your lips? No  good.


Pigmentation of Giordano

The color looked much richer in the tube than on my skin.  But, remember skin-tone plays a vital role in how the color appears on skin.  This varies from person to person.  Being a woman of color with yellow undertones, the lipstick didn’t present intensely on me, but maybe it would on someone else.  It wasn’t bad, just OK.

Another consideration is that I did not line my lips. Sometimes a rich, deep lip liner can really bring out a lipstick shade.

Cheap Lipstick Lasting Power

The product lasted about 45 minutes with no eating or drinking.  I applied it without a lip primer, but I did blot and reapply.

My Giordano Lipstick Review Comment

Would I buy them again?  Maybe, I would.  But, my expectations will be low.  I’ll only wear them for a hint of color. If I need a bold lip color to finish my look, I’ll go for MAC.  Like in this pic:
mac lingering kiss
MAC’s “Lingering Kiss” got me though the entire evening.  Only one touch up was needed.

Would you try a cheapie lipstick! Have you? Start with Coastal Scents.  It’s really one of my favorite of the affordable brands available.

Coastal Scents has great staying power. I’m going to do a review soon.


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