Crochet Braids - Freestress Brazilian Hair

Crochet Braids – Freestress Brazilian Hair

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I found a great use for my crochet needle – IN MY HAIR!!!  Yay for crochet braids on women over 40!

Let me catch you up.  I learned this technique (familiar to many) called crochet braiding.  For those who don’t know about crochet braiding, I braid (or cornrow) the hair that grows from my head. Next, I crochet small hair strands through my resting (or cornrowed) hair.  It’s a wonderful protective style that allows me  switch up my look from time to time. As you know, I’m over 40 and was curious Crochet Braids, particularly Freestress Brazilian Hair on a woman of my years.  I was pleasantly surprised.

What I love most is I can wear this style for weeks (some people wear it months) while my hair is cozily, moisturized, conditioned and tucked away. For those curious, I wash my hair while in this style or undo and re-install.

Well, I did my first install a few weeks ago.  I since changed it a gazillion times. I’m a perfectionist and until I learn the technique  (just so I can say I’ve mastered it), I’ll continue trying new hair textures and styles again and again.

I really love the versatility and looks I can create with this method.

Another thing this 40-somethinger likes about crochet braids is the that the style is pretty much in tact when I wake in the morning. This reduces my morning chaos considerably.

What do you think? Like?  Hate?

I used Freetress Brazilian hair. It only took 2 packs.  I was done in about 2 1/2 hours.  I like to keep it shoulder-length as it is more natural and reminiscent of my own hair.  Crochet Braids – Freestress Brazilian Hair is cute on younger faces, but for me, I like the shorter styles with this curl pattern.

Anyhoo, I’m not sure why I’m embracing all these recent changes.  I can’t tell if it’s the confidence  of middle age, a middle age crisis or just the kookiness of my personality.  Either way, I’m having a ball and really digging these various looks.  It’s all part of finding my over-40 swag.

Crochet Braids - Freestress Brazilian Hair on women over 40
See.  I do have hair …that grows from my head.  LOL still a crochet-ista! 🙂

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  1. Sis can wear any style and look good!:I am 65+ and was worried about showing my gray hair, but you have inspired me to try the crochet braids. I’m a little tired of wigs and want to do something out of my comfort zone. Thank you for sharing! Love you!

    1. Awwww. Thanks so much! I feel the same about you! You’d love great whatever you try! I love your different looks and you fashionable style. So go for it! YouTube videos are great if you’d like to try it yourself. 😀

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