Drugstore makeup picks for women over 40

10 KILLER makeup picks for women over 40

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I figured it was time for me to bear my soul to you. Actually, I’m really going to just open my makeup bag and some of the best drugstore makeup picks for women over 40.

10 drugstore makeup picks for women over 40

These are picks based on my over-40 perspective. That’s right #over40, baby! I’m proud to be part of the “big girl’s” club!  Singing: “I’m a big kid now”

Confession time.  Not all of these are drugstore picks, but most are.  Secondly, this turned into an enormous blog post, so I divided it into two parts.  Today you get only 5 rather affordable favorites. Then, I’ll post the other 5 soon.  Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss it!

Let’s start with a great drugstore foundation.

1. What I love: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

“Toast” in my shade. This shade is pretty close to my skin color. I’d say about a 70 percent match.  This percentage diminishes after a little time in the sun,  then it drops to a pitiful 50 percent. Then, what I have to do is mix in a little of the shade “Caramel” with “Toast” to make it a perfect match.

One positive I can say about this foundation is that it lasts and lasts. For that reason alone, it made my top pick list.  As you know, most finishing powders tend to settle into the fine lines of mature skin.  Who needs that? Since this foundation endures throughout the day, I can easily forego the setting powders. Win!   You can find this foundation just about anywhere for about $13.

Oh wait!  Let me tell you about application! It applies super easily with any foundation brush. It covers really well: a little goes a long way.  One bottle lasts me a good two months or so. Tell me, have you tried Revlon ColorStay products?

What I hate:  On days when my skin is dryer than usual, ColorStay can make it feel right and dry.  It oxidizes to something similar to a matte finish. For women over 40, matte can often translate into “dry”. Plus, the shade is not a perfect match, but does a perfect match even exist? I dunno.

2. What I love: Beauty Blender sponge

The Beauty Blender is no secret to most YouTube beauty vloggers and followers. In fact, that’s how I learned about it. So, when I saw one at Sephora, I grabbed it just to see if it is worth all the hype. It was. Now, I cannot live without it. It blends foundation easily for a seamless finish. I think it’s the shape and the texture that makes it so much more effective than those old-fashion wedge sponges you pick up at the drug store. You know the ones I mean.

What I hate: I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. I guess I could say I get tired of washing it, but that’s not really a gripe. Just me being lazy.

3. Flirt! Dreamy Eye Shadow

My favorite shade is “Peach Champagne. It’s a great highlight and lid color. Being a woman over 40, my eye lids have already begun to crepe a little as a result of aging. Adding shimmery colors to aging eyes is a recipe in disaster. It makes you look so much older. However, for me shimmers work just fine for an under brow highlight and to brighten the lid area. I purchased Flirt! at Kohl’s for about $13 bucks. Highly pigmented, vibrant colors. Very comparable to MAC, in my opinion.

What I hate: I wish it came with a brush instead of a sponge applicator. I’m nitpicking here, but that is me.

4. What I love: Beautique Brow Pencil

This is by far the best brow pencil I have found in this price range. I really appreciate the varying shades. I’m thrilled I found one for me (not too dark and not too light). The texture is very soft, smooth and ready to use. On the other end of the pencil is a cute little brow brush, so it’s kind of a “two in one” product. I splurge an entire $2.99 for this little beauty at Sally’s Beauty Supply. In years past, I have paid much more for the same result.

What I hate: The brush breaks off almost every single time. I don’t know if that’s just me or that it is not simply not affixed well. Losing the brush is not a deal breaker for me because I buy it for the pencil anyway.


Here’s a new mascara find. It doesn’t give me raccoon eyes and it builds my thin lashes to luscious with this easy technique.

Final Thought:

Boogy (trust me, it’s a term of endearment from my head), you’re still beautiful.  Don’t feel the need to spend a mint on cosmetics.  Keep it simple and keep within your budget. You’re not losing your looks.  They are just changing to a different kind of beautiful.

What are a few of your favs!
Comment and let me know.  Part II coming soon.


  1. “You’re not losing your looks. They are just changing to a different kind of beautiful.”

    I couldn’t agree more. You’re GORGEOUS and teaching this young’n a thing or two about makeup application. 😉

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