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Pardon the sobs. *sniff sniff* I’ll be ok.

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But, HONESTLY, I can’t imagine what happened. I am not even sure when it happen! One this is for sure, I know how it happened.

No, despite what this lament sounds like, I’m not pregnant. At my age, that would be a catastrophe of an entirely different magnitude.

I’m talking about my weight gain.

I know it sounds silly, but I want to fit into a dress I really like.

Beyond that, I want my energy back.

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It seems like yesterday, I was flirting with a size 8 and now, I’m ready for a moo-moo – a big one!

There is no doubt in my mind what happened to make me gain so much weight. That part of this current life drama I understand all too well. In fact, I’ve narrowed it down to three behavioral culprits. Let me know if you recognize any of these things.

Thing 1: I got overconfident.

It’s something about losing weight that makes you feel as though your calorically-invincible. You lose 10 pounds and you think to your self “I can have that cookie, I lost 10 pounds”. Or, “I can have a second cookie because I’ll work it off tomorrow”. It’s like a carousel of denial until you’re bigger than you have ever been in your life.

Thing 2: I got sick.

Ok. Getting sick is a fairly good excuse.

I had bronchitis and was so weak that I began eating lots of processed foods for the ease and convenience. But, soon the processed foods turned into whatever brought emotional comfort. For me, that’s burgers, fries, pizza, cookies (yes, I said cookies again) and candy.

Beyond the sweets and yummies, my mom was over a lot and, let me tell you, her breakfasts are absolutely scrumptious! She’s always done breakfast very well. You’d think you were eating at a 5 start restaurant. The presentation, the flavors and the textures. She should go on Chopped. She’d win.

All those calories and very little movement was a recipe for disaster. Now, I’m paying for it.
Thing 3: I got stooooopid leggings.
I know this sounds weird, but I’ve lived in leggings for months. What’s not to like about them? They are cute, warm and go perfectly with those big sweaters I love.

The only problem is elastic bands hide signals of weight gain.

It’s true! For example, if I’m wearing my jeans, I can easily discern weight gain by that snug feeling.

Not so with leggings. They just stretch and stretch until you’re in the exact position I’m in now – wondering what the heck happened to you waistline.

If you’re following my Facebook page, TeriThriving, you’ve seen my leggings outfits.


So, here I am. Big, “ole” juicy woman over 40 blaming leggings. *Sigh*

I’ll also tell you, I’m intentionally wearing my jeans and slacks more. In fact, I’m wearing them this very second. They are cutting off my circulation to the point of creating pressure behind my eyes, but I’m wearing them.

Leggings and weight loss
I’m mad at leggings.

Alright, pity party over.

Let’s talk what I’m going to do to turn this around.

With the help family friend, I’m making some healthy changes. I’m receiving coaching and education to get me on track. It’s only been a week and a half, but I can see that my energy level has increased already. Surely, weight lost isn’t far behind.

Yes, I’m on a road to not only fitting my close, but also feeling good, strong and healthy!

This metamorphoses is rooted in 3 important changes.

Change 1: I’m not eating junk “no more”.

I’m leaning toward lots of fresh fruits and veggies to give my body the fuel it needs to live my life and burn calories. Fruit is becoming my daily norm. It’s in my purse, in my hand and on my desk all day. My friend calls fruits “portable snacks”. I believe her and I always have an apple close by and I simply love those little clementines.

From now on, processed foods will be a very minuscule part of my diet, if at all. Nowadays, if something is processed, I do a double take. I think about it; then I likely reject it.

Gone are the days when I simply pop something into my mouth as part of my mindless eating bent. Now, I’m much more intentional and discriminating about what I eat.

It’s not easy. Doesn’t seem that everything edible is processed in some form? I’m having trouble, but I’m learning to adjust.

An article called “10 Easy Ways to Cut Processed Food from Your Diet” on the “Eat this, Not that” website. I like the practical tips and also the encouragement to pace myself through this life change.

Change 2: Nasty water.

I really should change my perspective about water. The mind and one’s thinking is linked to success. The more you think something, the more real it becomes in your reality. So, here we go:

“I love water”

“I drink water”

“Water is good for me”

“Yum, may I have some water, please”

The other day, a Facebook friend posted a Jillian Michaels graphic that said to take 10 sips of water at each guzzle. That helps me get it down and the counting distracts me from the taste and lack of carbonated bubbles. Try it.

Change 3: Move that thing, Girl.

There is no way around it. To be healthy, happy and energetic, you need to exercise. I’m not a gym person. I’m all about my home workouts via videos and video games.

Once I get into the groove of exercising regularly, I begin to crave them. I miss them. I’m not at that point yet, but soon that serotonin will begin to do its work. Then I’ll workout because I’m” feening” for it. As part of the rhythm-less nation, I’m sure I look hilarious. But, it’s so fun…in the privacy of my bedroom. No witnesses.

This week my goal is just more activity in my daily life and at least 20 minutes of my Zumba at a (medium intensity level) 3 times a week.

So, I’m on my way to turning this around. Yes, the dress is motivation, but I just want to feel good too.

Anyhoo, I hope I inspired you. I also welcome your tips and ideas!

I’m still working on my second installment of creating your blog! It’s coming soon!


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