Crochet Braids on a woman over 40

Crochet Braids on a woman over 40

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I’m so proud of me!

Today I installed my first crochet braids ever! I was wondering how crochet braid styles would work on a woman over 40. But, I think I’m rocking it and that’s all that matters.

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First. This is not a tutorial. There are millions out there on YouTube.
I couldn’t do one any better. This is more about my
experiences and a few “what not to do” suggestions.

I got Kanekolan hair.  The brand is called “Like Hair”. I paid about $2.49 per bag at my local beauty supply store.

Crochet Braids on a woman over 40
The picture is weird to me. Why have a white girl with braids on the bag?

I dunno.

Anyway, back to the process.

I was surprised how easy it was to do the style!

Now, it was a bit time-consuming, but the process of installing the hair  was in itself very simple. In fact, one my friends (Jackie) has been doing her hair this way for months and I’ve really liked this style on her. After she gave me a few doses of encouragement, I had to try it myself.

So today I purchased:

  • 4 bags of hair (I know that sounds weird)
  • a crochet needle for hair (not yarn) and
  • some cold wave rods

The most difficult part of the process was actually prepping my own hair. I had to flat braid it (or known to normal people as corn row). Corn rows are a big part of this process.  So, if you don’t like doing them, have someone do them for you.

Well, my corn rows suck. I can french braid, but I cannot corn row to save my life.

Also, my braid pattern itself is a bit weak. Next time, I’ll study a bit more closely how other people layout their corn rows to create an optimal braid pattern.

My advice to you: before you install crochets, don’t skimp on the corn row process.  The hair will not be secure if you do and it will all be a huge waste of time. Trust me.

Another thing to remember is that coarse hair doesn’t require very many knots (or passes through the needle). I leaned that from YouTube vlogger “teeday6” (check out the video here:

In the video,she featured her little girl actually doing her own crochet installation. I figured if that cutie pie could do her own crochets, surely I could too. Her daughter, “Lady Bug” said so cutely “mom said I don’t need to pass though but once because the hair is coarse”. So cute.

So, I did one knot.

Well, once I completed installation, I trimmed and trimmed. It still seemed like too much hair in the back: I’ll use less in the nape next time.

More advice to you: alternate how much hair you loop though each braided section. Less in the front, more at the crown and much less in the back is what I’ll do next time.

Once I looked at my completed style, I decided I didn’t like it all. Can you say BORING-SAUCE?

Actually, it just looked too much like my natural hair flat-ironed, so I decided to get some textures going.

I grabbed those cold wave rods (or perm rods as we called them in the 80s) and commenced to some serious experimenting.

crochet braids for older women
First, I used my microwave to boil some hot water in a mug.  Yes, I said “boil”. Stay with me.

While the microwave was doing it’s thing, I put huge braids in various sections of my head. Then, I wrapped every one of the braids around a roller.

After that, I dipped each in hot water. No. Let me rephrase that. I CAREFULLY dipped each one and quickly squeezed the water from each braid with the thickest bathroom towel I own. This is a tricky process.  I don’t like it.

My advice to you again: don’t burn yourself.  Duh, right? But you can watch several videos to see how this is done.

The dipping gave the hair a course, kinky texture I like. It looks quite a bit like my natural hair; but, not exactly.  See the photos to the left in the collage above.

I typically wear my natural hair curly or flat-ironed. When I feel like neither, I slap on a snazzy wig and go. This style is going to be a great option for any one of my future moods.

Also, I cannot end this blog post without giving an EXTREMELY honorable mention to Vlogger,  Breanna Rudder.  Her YouTube channel is like a hairstyle class.  Click to view Breanna Rudder’s Youtube channel and be enlightened!

By the way, this is my natural hair. So you can consider this a “Before” picture.  😄


Crochet braids on older woman over 40


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Can you believe I relaxed my hair after 5 years natural?  

Let me know, how do you like it?   I can handle the truth.  😄



    1. No, I don’t have a channel. I just watch Breanna Rudder and a few other people’s YouTube channel. So many tutorials out there, felt fruitless to create another. 😀

  1. Hi. I’m viewing this post from my mobile phone and I don’t see your before and after picture. 😕 I was looking forward to seeing how everything came out.

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