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The day after the parade…

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As a blogger, I try to conjure up ideas to make My40somethinglife.Com more interesting to my readers (and to me as well).


Today is my first official “My 40 Something life in Kansas City” post. Yep, I’m switching the script every so often.

Those of you who do not live in my city, you can look at these sporadic posts as a fun, easy way to learn about another part of the country.
For those fellow Kansas Citians reading my blog, maybe you’ll get some ideas about something you didn’t know about before. Maybe not. Let’s  see.

Everything so was organized.
Everything so was organized.

If you are remotely familiar with baseball, you understand why my first post is about the 2015 World Series champions – the Kansas City Royals!!!
I’m going to be honest. I’m not a huge sports person. But, I do support the home teams….sometimes.

So, when the Kansas City Royals advanced to the World Series, it was an exciting time for even the “fair weather fans” like me. Then came the parade.

The parade was simply magical.

The City was alive with Royals’ spirit. Even the trees seem to sway with enthusiasm.

Local sources report over 80,000 participants attended the parade. I’m so glad I was among them.

My 40something life in Kansas City
I’ve never seen so much confetti!

I’ve never seen anything like it.

People. People wearing blue all around as far as the eye can see. You saw people in trees, atop bus stop shelters and even one joker on the roof of a building (see the picture above). For the life of me, I can’t imagine why he was there. Oh well. I guess any view is a good one on a day like that one. But, will we ever know why he was sitting on a roof, stories above everyone else with his leg dangling. Anyhoo….

Why was he up there?
Why was he up there?

The funniest part is that everybody was in a great mood. Strangers were chatting with strangers, no babies were crying and folks were just smiling.

The air seemed thick with pride, joy and camaraderie. I felt like I somehow knew all 80,000 people. Everyone was just “connected”. Yes, connection explains it well.


It was such a wonderful day that I’m kind of sad now because it’s over. It’s like the day after Christmas. *sigh*

In order to lift my spirits, I had a little pizza today. I’ll hop back on my weight-loss journey soon. But, pizza seems to be the ticket for this Royal’s fan.

Yes, Kansas City is known for barbecue but when I need a little comfort, it’s all about Minsky’s pizza for me.Minsky's pizza in kansas city

This local favorite, best known for pizza, serves the most delectable, yummiest, cheesiest pizza I’ve ever had.

They also serve great salads and gyros, but pizza is why I continue to return.
A few of us enjoyed a super large pizza and lots of Dr. Pepper. It was just the medicine I needed to bring back a little World Series parade spirit

It wasn’t a parade, but it was good food, good friends and a good time…reminiscing about the parade.





I wore my Fox 4 Love Fund t-shirt for good measure.  Got pizza sauce on it, but it’s all good.

Next year, I’ll have another one that will say 2016!  Yeah, Baby!


Fox4 Love Fund tshirt

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