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I’m fairly new blogger, right?

Well, as such, I couldn’t wait to show my buddy (also an IT professional) my new Yotube channel. To my surprise, he was more concerned than excited.

After a good “talking to”, he managed to explain how people can find out exactly where I live from a video or photo taken (while in your home) with your cell phone.

Maybe that’s why a lot of fashion blogger take photos out on the street or in a park.
Fortunately, I learned how to change my camera location settings and protect myself moving forward.


Guys, be sure to adjust your settings on your devices before you post your pics and videos online. Better safe than sorry.

Am I the only newbie blogger that has done this? I doubt it. But, this is good info for anyone who shares on social media – for personal or business reasons.

Anyhoo, here is a link to what I did for my iphone:


Here is how to turn off geocaching and location services for Androids:


Here is a bonus article that sheds additional light on this subject, including safety tips and removing geotags:


I deleted a couple videos, but will make more soon with my new settings in tact!


    1. My pleasure, Charlene! It’s so sad that we have to think about such things. Always better to be safe.

      But I am very very glad my IT buddy tipped me to this issue.

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