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My Tribute to a Cyndi Spivey Outfit

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All fairly new bloggers admire a  seasoned, more experienced blogger,  right?

Well, mine is Cyndi Spivey. I love every Cyndi Spivey Outfit she puts together.

She blogs bright, colorful  and creative fashions on Grace + Beauty and you can find it at  Also, like her Facebook page too!She is also a Christian just as I am.

Visit her site and you’ll be quickly “taken in” by the amazing ensembles she creates. Most of them are simple pieces anyone can find.  Her magic is in how she pairs them.

Sometimes, the colors and textures she chooses are so contrasting, you would never think to pair them together. But, she does and they always work. I know this from personal experience because I often re-create her outfits on Pinterest and am shocked by the compliments I receive in real life- often from strangers!

I am in no way affiliated with CyndiSpivey.Com. I don’t work for her nor will I benefit from this post.  In fact, she has no clue who I am or that I try to duplicate her outfits every now and again. But, fashion and style often connect us to people we don’t know personally. Wild, huh?

For example, have you ever admired something a stranger was wearing?  Maybe it was an eye-catching,  a snazzy pair of shoes or her entire outfit altogether. If you were kind enough to share a compliment with her, you were likely connected to her in that moment.   You may even have blessed her entire day with your kind words.

I think fashion is a unifier. It inspires people we may never meet. Click To Tweet

Well, today I thought I’d do something fun (and a little big kooky).

I decided to re-create one of Cyndi’s ensemble and take a picture of it for I hope this is the cyber equivalent to saying “Gee, I like your outfit”.  I also hope it will bless her and make her day a bit better – should she see it.


The photo you see below was an outfit I pinned yesterday:


Are you ready for my homage to Cyndi? Here it goes. How do you think I did?


Today at the office, my buddy, Veronica, had the idea for me to pose like Cyndi. I had no pockets like she did, so I didn’t quite pull it off. 🙂  Also, I’ve lost a few pounds (woo-hoo) and my khakis are a little baggy. Oh well.

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What do you think?

I wish I had this Treska bag to complete the outfit. But, I didn’t.

Do you have a fashion blogger you like to emulate?

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