What shoes to wear with white jeans

What shoes to wear with white jeans

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White jeans.  They look good with just about everything.  Let me show you what shoes to wear with white jeans to make them pop!

I can’t count how many times I’ve asked myself “How should I dress in my 40s?”  I think the entire questions comes from like the same person I was in my 20s, but being aware of the social expectations of me in my 40s.  I’m not talking about what caring about what people think about me as much as I am talking about having enough sense to know what looked “smart” and fashionable on me in my 20s will only serve to make me look like a great big “dummy” in my 40s. Does that make sense?

I’ll bet other 40 years-olds and women in their 50s and 60s wonder the same from time to time.

Luckily, I’ve had a few fashion epiphanies that exemplify what works for me.

It’s simple, to the point and easy –to-implement. Here it is:  I basically wear whatever I want to wear.

Plain as white rice.

Yes, I wear what I want to wear, but like most women my age, I’m careful to:

  1. Know my body shape and which fashion trends work on it.
  2. Silence the fashion “noise” (and rules) from previous decades
  3. Ignore other people’s negative opinions about my clothes

From these concepts, I fashioned a few fashion rules that govern my 40-something sense of style.

Fashion Rule 1: My body type rules over trends. As much as I would love to wear leggings and miniskirts without abandon, I cannot. As a woman over 40, I have what I’ll call a “troublesome mid-section” that hollers for attention; I have thighs that sing songs when I walk and I have hips that say “I’ve had children!” Ha!

Bearing in mind all of the above, I wear some styles considerably differently than a size 6 (with skinny thighs) would wear them. For instance, when I wear leggings, my top (or shirt) must hit my lower thigh at just the right place in order to camouflage problem areas.

Fashion Rule 2: Looking “hot” is re-defined in my 40s.  I feel age requires me to embody a certain type of elegance. You define elegance for you, but don’t’ just wear something just because you can physically pull it up or down onto your body. Be sure to your style, but wise in your choices.   Besides, I think women of a certain age look stupid trying to sport trends designed for women much younger. Don’t you?

The clothes I wear become elegant because I am elegant. Click To Tweet

Fashion Rule 3: This may fall under the category of “fashion noise” from previous decades, but there are rules that are no longer relevant in fashion.  One is the white after Labor Day rule.

I pitched that one. So, I wore two pairs of white pants in two different looks long after Labor Day.

I also sported my pink Kansas City Royal’s t-shirt… TO CHURCH!

In a Black Baptist Church, many people still dress up. This is especially true for women in my age group. But, remember, my 40s fashion is rooted in what I want to wear and what flatters me – not by peer pressure or archaic rules.

Some would say this look is “not elegant” for a woman of my age (especially to wear to church!). I say whatever and get a life.

What do you think?

What shoes to wear with white jeans - Pink plats!



I so loved the white pants look, that I did it again the next day. I pulled out some white jeans and created an outfit.


After pairing it with a denim blazer, a gray t-shirt, white jeans and a pashmina from JCP I had a look that conveyed a casual work style. I also love this shade of red. It looks good on just about any skin tone.  I’m an African-American woman with yellow undertones and it works.  Again, I think this shade would work for any one.

burgundy mules slips

What shoes to wear with white jeans?
Question answered with these burgundy slips!

Thanks for reading.  I’m learning and growing as an over 40 blogger.  I welcome your tips and feedback any time.


  1. I really like your fashion looks. I do think a lot of women tend to give up on fashion after their 30’s but I’m loving that you’re keeping it fashionable and classy. Loving the white pants too!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I’m a work in progress, that’s for sure. Come back soon. I stepped outside my style comfort zone just today, lots of compliments. Will have pics soon. 😀. Thanks, again for stopping by!


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