hip clothes for 40 year old woman

hip clothes for 40 year old woman

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If your’e looking for hip clothes
for 40 year old woman,
you’re in the right place!

I think I’m addicted to featuring outfits for women over 40!  For one thing, I love clothes.  I love the puzzle of matching clothes with accessories and creating a “look”.  But now than I’m one of “those” women over 40, I want to look age-appropriate while re-defining my new sense of style. When I began pondering my own sense of hip clothes for 40 year old woman, I didn’t need to look far – at least no further than my cousin.  She’s a style icon with a flair and gift for coordinating outfits fit for a 40 year old woman as well as a 20 year old woman. She chooses classes that will stand the test of time.

She epitmozes the essence of what CoCo Chanel meant when she said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”  As we age, we have to find the right mixture of fads and classics. Do you agree?

Either way I want to look modern, current and attractive – not dated, old-fashioned and clueless.  Back in the day we called cool clothes “hip”. I’m much older now, but I still want to look “hip”.  Don’t you?

My Previous Posts

My previous OOTD posts rendered the most interest on My40somethinglife.com. I received emails, notifications of soaring stats and more!

I think the reason they were so popular is because I’m an everyday, ordinary 40something mama. I have curves, I have hips and I am just experimenting – just like the average woman. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. Maybe that’s why people “dug” my the whole OOTD thing.

I dunno.

In 100% transparency, I admit that I “schlumped” a couple of days in t-shirts and jeans. Those looks were nothing to brag about, so I won’t bore you any pics.

Instead, I’ll share a few that I think worked and one pitiful one that did not…or did it. You tell me.

Are you ready for my hip clothes for 40 year old woman?


My first 40something outfit features an amazing top from Macy’s.

I especially love it because it hides all the binges of peach cobbler, cheesecake and ginger snaps. When I fall off the wagon, I fall hard. But, I’m back on track now. I may fall again because I love food!  Thank God Weight Watchers will let me enjoy what I want when I want it – as long as I budget those Smart points.

Anyhoo, this outfit proves 100% that it’s not so much about WHAT you wear and HOW you wear it.

Outfits for women over 40
I felt great wearing this look!

I seriously thought I was a bit heavy (and old) for jeggins,
but this 40-something rocked it! Don’t you think?  Can you say “date night” outfit?

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40 something fashion ideas
Looking stylish over 40 never been so easy!

Next is one of my “schlumpa-dumpa” (is that how Oprah said it?) days.  However, I was delivering a training that day, so I had to add a black blazer for a professional flair.

Now, I love this blazer. This blazer and I have been through everything together. I named it Brad.  Just kidding…you know that commercial, right?Blogs for forty-something Style for women over 40

It’s seriously time to get another one…a larger one… but I still love it. It’s not hiding the peach cobbler and such.

Still, I look good in it!

More importantly, I feel good wearing it. Do you have clothes like that?
You can tell I’m “feeling’ this look! I’m channeling my inner diva for this pic. Hey, by the way, I found that silver chain necklace at Charming Charlie. Love it!  If you can’t find it there, you can get one very similar from T-Mart (see my banner below).


No. I’m not pregnant, but the denim top (below) makes me look like it.
Maybe, I’ll save this for when I get closer to my weight goal.


Now. Are you ready for my final OOTD? It’s a bummer.

In fact, I took it off because it looked way too ’80s to me.

Forty-something women are often at risk of dressing in that decade. I think it’s because it was our decade and we rocked it like Amadeus.

Sadly, too many of us still have clothing pieces FROM THE 80s. I admit, I’m guilty.

It’s time for me (and possibly you) to re-program our fashion dials and get rid of the “matchy matchy” outfits like below:

Worse than looking like an “old lady outfit”, it  added a good 10 pounds because the pants are now too big and the elastic draws the eye to my mid-section. Yuck!

Beware of that. That’s why I love sites like 40+ Style.  There are tons of blogs written by women of forty like me.

Depending on your body type, all eyes should be drawn to your body’s strengths. For me it’s my long legs.

Girrrrl,  check out these electic blue pumps.






Which one did you like best?









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