cool clothes for 40 year old woman

My Fashion Style over 40 – cool clothes for 40 year old woman

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What can I say about my fashion style in my 40s?
I’m re-defining it while cool clothes for 40 year old woman

Hmmm… I can say it’s coming along. Little by little…step by step…

My size is different and so are my fashion sensibilities.  What worked for me in the 20s and 30s don’t always fit who I am evolving to be now. So, some days, dressing over 40 is a crap shoot.

This is a great over 40 business casual look. It’s modern, simple while being stylish. Here is the epitome of  some cool clothes for 40 year old woman.

cool clothes for 40 year old woman
I wore my Liz blazer (a JCP steal for only 39.99) with black jeans and a black tee. I opted for humungus earrings. Let me know in the comments if you want to see a close up of them.
what to wear over 40
This is going to one of my most flexible closet pieces. I can dress it up or dress it down. In fact, this was what I wore to church Sunday (told ya, I’m not the average pastor’s wife). Jeans to church, Baby!





























Cute shoes over 40 fashion


 Seriously, here are my top fashion tips for looking
fly, dope, cute and modern:

Forty-something fashion tip 1:

You’re still you. You have changed. Your shape may even be different, but that’s ok. Utilize that 40-something confidence you’ve earned and wear what makes you smile. Again, you’re still as beautiful, vibrant and hot as you’ve ever been. It’s just a new normal and a new you!

Don’t pay money to change it. Don’t inwardly hate it. Embrace it, Girl!”

Forty-something fashion tip 2:

Becoming forty has facilitated a few goodbyes for me.
*heavy sigh*

I’ve had to re-vamp my makeup routine to meet my middle-age needs. Heck, I’ve even had to say a heavy-hearted “bye bye” to products I had used for years.


Because, now I have these little …uh… “accents” that live under my eyes and require special attention -not to mention the cute little “hoodie” eating up my eye crease (and I’m not talking Old Navy).

Oh yes!

Find any 40-something and ask about “crepy eyelids” and she will know to what you are referring. Then run. If you’re 19, she may pop ya. Ha!

Indeed, I’ve changed. It is what it is.
This means nothing more than I apply my makeup a little differently than I did in my 20s and 30s, that’s all.

I’m still the same me that made my husband chase, that presented to thousands in a crowded auditorium while my knees shook and that created a nonprofit [in my spare time] that was featured on

Don’t lose sight of you, ok?

You’re the only “you” you’ve got; you might as well love yourself.

Forty-something fashion tip 3:

Don’t force it, just let it go. Isn’t that a song?
ANYWAYS… if something is tight, bless someone with it by giving it away. I’m finally at the point of acceptance that empowers me to let go of my size 6 suits. I’m currently a 14!

A 14! Do the math.

Sure, I will lose weight, but I am not even interested in being a size 6 in my forties – and neither is my husband!

*Currently humming It’s all about the Bass”*

So what is your favorite over 40 fashion tips? You don’t even have to be 40-plus to answer. Tweet me or comment below! What did you think of My fashion style over 40? Am I missing anything?

Thanks so much for reading and hearing my thoughts on cool clothes for 40 year old woman.



    1. Thanks for commenting, Kwame. You’re going to love the 40s. It’s really not as people say. 😀. 40s in the 2002 really are liberation of the soul IMHO

    1. Agreed! If it’s attached to my person, I’m gonna love it. LOL. Thanks, Claire. Appreciate you stopping by. Hope you’ll come through again. 😀

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