choosing cute reading glasses frames

Choosing cute reading glasses frames

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Having trouble choosing cute reading glasses frames since you’ve turn 40 (or after you passed it?  Here’s how my reading glasses journey began:

“Yes. It happens in your forties, it’s very common”.

That’s what my young eye doctor said with a facial expression I’d swear was a smirk, but I couldn’t prove
it.  Her next comment made me want to smack her upside her head with a fried pork chop, but I didn’t (and wouldn’t) because God would not like that.

Her next comment went for my 40something jugular vein.:“You’re about my mom’s age and she needs them too”.  It wasn’t what she said, but how she said it.   Her tone made me feel I was so old that I would soon be walking around in a senile stupor – while wearing my underwear outside my clothes.

Yes…that was the cheerful [almost dismissive] diagnosis I received from my 20something eye doctor; a peppy blonde who couldn’t be bigger than a size 2.

Honestly, she meant no harm The “issues” were largely my own.  But, she did remind me I was getting older and not being able to see clearly was just a part of it.

Good thing I have a strong sense of self-confidence. I quickly shrugged off the inclination to be offended and switched to another optometrist. I then began my search for the cutest, most fashionable reading classes I could find.

I want cute reading glasses frames!

I’m just 40something but, most of the frames I’ve found  make me look 80something.

If I must wear these things on the end of my nose, they must be fashionable and fly (I know, no one says fly anymore)!  Since my search ensued, I’ve amassed a huge collection of readers and I love making them part of my outfits.

My friend says I may have an addiction to reading glasses.  I don’t know it that’s true, but I  do have more pairs than Fred Sanford stashed in his drawer. Remember, the glasses drawer on the 70s television show Sanford and Son?  If you’re about my age, you likely remember when this show aired new episodes.

Anyway. ..check out my first pair of cheap eyeglasses frames.
I don’t care for these (see below). I picked them of at Old Time Pottery on a whim. I’ll keep them in the kitchen or somewhere in the house.

how to find flattering reading glasses

They do nothing for my face shape or my complexion.
As a woman of color, I think a mahogany (or some red toned) color frames looks best with my  skin tone.  These clear ones do nothing.

So, when you buy your frames, pick a color that compliments your skin; anything on or around your face should accentuate it, right?


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Getting much closer here (below). These eyeglass frames are perfect for square-shaped faces. Also the brown frame actually accentuates my skin tone. don’t you think?  I especially like them with this fashion wig. Great look!cute reading glasses frames






Let me do a $2 imitation of Ashleigh Banfield in the picture below.  I love her glasses, she makes them looks so cool.

cute reading glasses







Now, let’s get to my favorite pair of reading glasses!

Oh, the compliments I get on these babies (below)! I must admit, I feel great in them!
They are fresh, funky and contemporary…they are ME!
What do you think?

cheap eyeglass frames
Here they are with another outfit (and my real hair below). Yes, I love these frames. I’ll have them forever.

modern reading glasses





This Cosmo article says the above frames look best on narrow faces.  I wouldn’t call my face a narrow one, but I love them. They make me feel good. Does that make sense?

According to the article, I might have an “oval” face and should wear “top heavy glasses.  I do have a pair of top-heavies, but they don’t move me like the ones above, so I’ll just stick with these bottom-heavy ones.

REMEMBER: Your reading glasses are functional, but can also be an accessory that can make you look stylish, modern and fashionable.  Conversely, the wrong ones can also age you 20 years and make you look like Mrs. Garret off the “Facts of Life”.

Which do you like best?  What style do you wear?

I purchased the first pair from my local CVS, I got the others online.

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