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My 40something Review – Elf Primer

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I have found the best primer
for aging skin!  It’s Elf’s Hydrating Primer.

Dry skin in middle-age is sadly all too common.
I cannot live without my Elf Hydrating primer for my middle-aged skin.

A little goes a long way with this primer, so it last forever.  Yay-Yuh!

This colorless, soft-to-the-touch gel applies smoothly and velvety. It  covers your skin like a magical cosmetic spackle, filling in every wrinkle and line perfectly.

My foundation hugs it and stays in place all day without ever drying out or caking up. Love this stuff.

This product contains dimethicone. This moisturizer is often found in diaper rash treatments.  Note:  I’ve heard many a women use diaper rash creams as primers – I haven’t had the nerve yet.

Other ingredients include: Vitamin A, E and C. You know I love Vitamin E for my 40something skin care regime.

I get the best results when I apply this product right after I wash my face.  My middle-age dry skin merits a double moisturizing process, so I apply my primer immediately after my Ponds Dry Skin Cream.

The best part about Elf Hydrating primer is that it’s an economical find at only $6.00. I’d put it against the pricier brands any day of the week.  Find Elf products at Gordman’s, Ulta, some grocery stores and more.


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