40something women vote for Donald Trump?

Moms and Donald Trump for Prez

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A little bit of crazy and a whole lot of “different” make just about anything interesting. Even politics!

Now is a good time to tell you that I am not a big politico-dynamo.  I’m really not.

Sure, I watch Anderson 360 regularly. I may even check out Rachel Maddow from time to time. Please note: I can’t stomach the Fox Network for so much as a minute. I tried but it tested my gag reflex ferociously.

In the end, I prefer to watch the nightly news and the editorial shows for my basic information. Then, I contrast and compare the facts to draw my own conclusions based on my own judgment, faith and moral compass. I need no help from stupid leftist or idiotic rightest. I just want my news and a moment to think critically about it.

Back to “interesting” and “different”. Trump is cracking me up in his presidential campaign. He’s so …interesting and …uh… different.

As you likely know, I’m a middle-aged woman. But, even though he strikes me as narrow, sexist and leaning toward the racist side, I find him interesting to watch as a presidential candidate.

Wanna know what is most fascinating about Mr. Trump,  in my forty-something opinion? Sure you do.  That’s why you haven’t closed the browser window yet.

Here goes it:

Number 1: People are taking him seriously. There are folks (that can vote) who really believe the Donald might be a good president. Here is what I think: that temper of his and that mega-mouth would land this country in one war/battle/disharmony -and maybe even riot-after the next. Who would want that hot-head in the oval office?

Number 2: Older people (older than me) seem to really support him. I got a glimpse of one of his crowds on national news. There was a lot of white hair in the auditorium. I think they like his candor, honesty and willingness to shoot “straight from the hip”. What do you think? That generation is not a fan of “political correctness” and neither is he. So, they like him speaking from the lower half of his body (referring to the hip, not the other part).

Number 3: I’m also shocked that with all his resources, he cannot hire a team [he respects enough] to direct him appropriately, OR help him answer a question straight OR get more people of color in his photo opps. I’m just saying.

Number 4: Forty-something women are not wooed by Trump. Mainly because we know he thinks we’re too ugly to live. His treatment of women and sexist attitudes turn me off and I’m sure they repulse other women over 40.

What do you think the future holds for the Donald ? Do you think he will win 40-something women in the end?

I dunno.

For now, Donald Trump is giving me quite a bit to watch. It’s quite entertaining.

Hand me my popcorn and Twizzlers. It’s sure to be interesting.Do 40-something women trust Donald Trump?

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Update:  It’s not entertaining now. He won the election and I’m watching him do some good things, but more things that make me nervous. It is what it is.

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