Growing up in the 70s was a blast

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Growing up in the 70s was so much fun. I guess everyone feels that way about their generation.

But, the 70s seemed to be such an exceptionally innocent, yet intriguing time.

The Drive-ins. Where you munched on fresh, buttered popped popcorn your mom made while laying on the hood of the family car.

People dressed really cool in those days in their bell bottoms, furry vests and huge afros.

And the music! Don’t get me started on the music!  Funky, original songs like “Lady Marmalade”, “Cut the cake”, “Staying Alive” and “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” permeated the radio stations (or eight track players).

I loved the vibrant colors people wore and decorated their homes in- except for the green shag carpet.
Don’t forget the shows like Soul Train, American Bandstand and Fat Albert on Saturdays.

Music and entertainment is ok now (yes, I’m rolling my eyes). It just has too many booties shaking and songs about simply “hooking up”. No real love songs like “Just my Imagination” by the Temptations or Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly”.

 *Heavy Sigh*I'm a forty-something blogger

I wish my kids could remember the original “Charlie’s Angels” or “Starsky and Hutch”. But, they cannot. They have NCIS and CSI.
There are other things they won’t recall when they comb gray hair.

Also, the cool cars!car

More things my kids won’t remember include:
1. Phone cords

Remember stretching a cord all across the kitchen while you talked to your best girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

memories from middle-agers and forty somethings






2. Old brown cable boxes

I never understood what they thought the wooden finish added to the box? It was ugly any way you slice it. Besides being ugly, it was too much work sliding the dial on the left.








3. After-school specials

Remember those corny 30 minute “teach you a lesson” mini-movies in the afternoons?  You learned not to smoke, drink
or steal. I even think I saw one on wearing your seatbelt.  Also, where were the Black and Latin people? I’m just saying.


4. The excitement of Sunday morning cartoons.

My brother, Eric and I would rush to the TV to watch the cartoons you could only watch on Saturdays. SuperFriends, Mighty Isis, Shazaam – all of ’em.
We didn’t have a Nickolodeon or Cartoon Channel then. Geez, kids today have it easy.











5. Having 5 channels to watch

I have no graphic for this, but until cable came along, we had only a few stations.

You had NBC, CBS and ABC and what else?  I can’t remember.
6. Needing a real phone book to find a number.









7. School house rock

“I’m just a bill, from capitol hill.”  I loved those pre-80s music videos intended to
teach me the stuff I missed at school.  I actually thought they were fun to watch.  I didn’t learn anything,
but they were fun. I usually used that time to go get a cereal refill until my cartoons came back on. But, they were good.











8. That joy of stealing a song from the radio by taping it.

We didn’t have any copyright issues (that we knew about back then).  Our biggest problems were
having our tape players ready when our favorite songs came on the radio.
Or better yet, being able to borrow the album from someone and then taping it that way. When I was taping, it seemed that
was the time my mom or grandma had something to say. Ruined my song too many times!




9. Variety shows with singing, skits and celebrities. 

Remember the Gone with the Wind spoof on the Carol Burnett Show?  Of course you do.  How funny was that?
I also liked “Donny and Marie” the “Flip Wilson Show”. Good TV for sure.

If you're 40something,  you remember the Caorl Burnett Show, right?









10. When Saturday Night Live was great.
It’s still ok today, but it was never better than when I  had to sneak and watch it as a little girl. Jim Belushi was hilarious. I also loved Dan Akroyd as Julia Child. Garret Morris was a hoot – “baseball has been vedy, vedy good to me”.  I loved seeing Garrett Morris at a time when few Blacks were taken seriously by the networks.









11. Record players

Sometimes, I still miss the crackling of old LPs.  Such nostalgia.










12. Soap

Here is another one I was not allowed to watch. But, somehow I managed to never  miss an episode.
Go figure. I thought Jessica was so funny and pretty, but Burt was my favorite.









13. The high pitched sound of a fax machine.

Do you remember the feel of the slick fax paper?  I could wrap myself in it, it was so soft. Not sure why I remember that, but I do.









14. Paper Dolls

Did you ever accidentally cut the little tab off one of the outfits?  Then your grandma had to tap the
clothes to your paper doll? No?  Ok, that was  just me.

memories from the 70s










15. Typewriters

I used to find the sound of the typewriter relaxing.  The rhythmic “peck peck peck” somehow soothed to me.
But, any typing mistakes were costly – even on the supposed “self-correcting” models. Did you like the smell of WhiteOut? Just me again?









16. The mental escape of the View Master.

I used to hold them up to the light fixture or the lamp to see details of “Witch Mountain” or Disneyland. Such fun.









17. Ugly shoes that were actually comfortable.

Were these Buster Browns? Every 40-something remembers metal lunch boxes, view masters and drinking water from a hose. Click To Tweet







18. Metal lunch boxes

I had a Barbie lunchbox, then I had one shaped like a yellow school bus. Aaaah, the memories.










19. Fashion Plates

I used to love this toy, but then I got bored.  Basically, scribbling over a plate to make an impression lost it’s appeal after 30 minutes or so.











20. Morris the cat

What cat food brand was this?  I can’t remember, but I thought Morris the cat was adorbs!  I don’t even l
ike cats, but I loved this finicky feline when I was a kid.  They should have made a Morris the Cat lunchbox.








Oh!  I have one more!  I’m not giving it a number because it’s kind of a good thing we don’t see this one.

Remember, when magazines and television commercials advertised cigarettes? They were everywhere! I was pretending to smoke with popsicle sticks, roller rods and whatever else if could find!  It was ads like this one:


Do you remember any of these seventies memories?


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