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Fashion and Outfits for women over 40

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You know I’m loving blog posts featuring fashion and outfits for women over 40, right?

My first OOTD blog post (i.e. outfit of the day) astounded me! Who would have thought fashion over 40 would generate such interest? I am energized blogging and ruminating on fashion and outfits for women over 40.

It received so many visitors (a.k.a. hits) and even boosted my subscribers list like crazy.

If you’re one of my new subscribers –
thank you for your support!
I appreciate you so much.

Now, I’ve only been blogging a few months and have not stirred much of a rumble until the OOTD post.  In fact, I hadn’t really expected to because the blog My 40 Something Life.Com is so new.

It takes time.

Besides, it’s a blog for women over 40 and we tend to be quite picky about what emails come into our in- boxes. #raisedbrow

But, when I posted my first OOTD look, my stats skyrocketed into the heavens! Plus, I also received two comments which turned out to be compliments. Go figure!  I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEM!  #Winning

So, I am thrilled to say I’ve created a brand new OOTD for women over forty.

Let me begin by saying that I’ve put on some pounds (translation: gained weight), so I’m very careful how I showcase my curves in this season of my life. I’m working losing, but until I do, clothes need to hang on my body just right. The best practice for me is to start with what I call a blank slate and then add dimension to build the outfit.

For example, today’s blank slate was a simple black tank from Forever XXI and a pair of basic black slacks.



I started to play around with jackets until I found the silhouette (and fit) I was going for.

fashion and outfits for women over 40 woman over forty outfit ideas blogI didn’t like this one too much.
It was formal for my mood. Do you dress for your mood too?
I think this would work for a dinner party or casual networking event. Yes?

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outfit ideas womenCute!  I love where this blazer hits me.
It keeps my proportions as they should be. That’s important.
I learned that bit of wisdom from watching Stacy London for years.

This is the winner for my over-40 OOTD!
Recognize that look on my face?
Remember, the reference to Easter after my hair was done?

What do you think of my fashion and outfits for women over 40?
Are they aging me or just right?


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