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As an online Weigh tWatcher®, I must admit this 40something chick  was thrilled to see a Smart Ones®  entre that was only 3 points.  ONLY 3  POINTS!!!  Winning!  Well, not totally.  The Weight Watchers app shows it as a 4 Point value.  Still low for a lunch, right?

 As you likely know, Weight Watchers ® gives you a designated amount of points each day.  For me, it is
26.  The average Smart Ones® entre I like  is 6-7 points, so you can just imagine how thrilled I was to see a 3-pointer.
The variety is called Chicken Santa Fe.  It has white meat chicken, zucchini, bell peppers
onions and black beans.  The chicken and
the beans are the much needed protein to keep me feeling full. I also like that
the low point value allows me to enjoy some wheat toast or something with it.
I will say the portion is quite small.  Naturally, I would like to see a bit more
food, but that’s okay.

My review of Chicken Sante Fe

It wasn’t a deal
breaker for me.

The flavor is clearly southwestern-ish.  It’s not flat and does indeed offer a mild south of the border flavor profile. I
think I will add hot sauce or a spicy salsa to it next time.
The verdict:  I didn’t
love it, but I wasn’t disappointed either.  I’ll give it a moderate YUM rating.

For what it is – a frozen meal in a box – it was ok. I’d buy
it again.

A Few Nutritional Facts

Calories: 140
Total fat 2.5g
Total Carbs 11g
Protein: 20g

Have you tried it? Let me know if you liked it more than I did. Frozen meals and weight loss sometimes go hand in hands. *sigh* Click To Tweet



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