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How many points are in Papa Muprhys salad

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Fast food restaurants do offer some great healthy choices for Weight Watchers and others working to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m actually quite surprised to find that many of my favorite restaurants offer healthy and low point® alternatives to greasy burgers and fattening fries. My first surprise hails from a place I would least expect to find a nourishing meal – Papa Murphy’s Pizza!

You read it right. I said Papa Murphy’s.

This take-home pizza joint offers a host of salads that I find quite yummy. If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve likely seen me tweeted pics of my beautiful salads. Most recently was a shot of my Papa Murphy’s salad.

Now, they have more than one variety of salads. Some are not the best choices for weight loss. So, when I go there, I stick with the garden salad with the veggies. I also pass on their dressing and use my own to keep the calories and points® down. I choose one of the low calorie dressings I blogged about here.


A Papa Murphy’s garden salad measures two servings. I usually can eat only half and that is about 100 calories without dressing and croutons. It is 3 Weight Watchers® points on the plan. I think it’s the olives and cheese that renders fat content and drives up the calories.

In addition to the olives and cheese, you get crisp iceberg lettuce, bell peppers and tomatoes. Today, I asked and a very nice man at my local Papa Murphy’s to throw on some mushrooms. He kindly obliged.

Pairing my salad with my favorite 1 point dressing gives me a filling, guilt-free lunch for about 4 points. Yay-Yuh!

An added bonus is the Papa Murphy’s online Nutrition Calculator. The calculator allows you to enter any menu item, the portion size and it calculates complete nutritional information. A Weight Watcher® like me can easily add this information into my calculator feature inside my Weight Watchers app. The link to the calculator is:

I’m very optimistic about my weight loss journey these days. I feel that I have everything under control and am embracing the long-term goal of my lifestyle change instead of the quick result. I’m seeing favorable outcomes (losing inches) and I feel pretty good about it – and the method in which I am doing it.

Have you tried a Papa Murphy’s salad?
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