Breakfast Ideas on Weight Watchers

Breakfast Ideas on Weight Watchers

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I often run out of ideas for a healthy, low calorie breakfast.  With my busy life, I need breakfast ideas that are quick, healthy and low on the Weight Watchers point system.  I grow tired of the oatmeal, egg whites and breakfast sandwiches. So, I’m always looking for breakfast ideas on Weight Watchers. Also, I’m doing the Smart Points now. 

Some days, I just want something quick and easy for breakfast.

My breakfast was a 1/4 cup of Special K Honey and Oats cereal (only 3 Weight Watchers Points(TM)

I also had a Dannon Fit and Healthy. It was only 2 Weight Watcher Points(TM).

The yogurt was full of protein so I wasn’t hungry until lunch. I also had my water (still a little yuck-factor there, but I drank some all the same.)

Good choices. Easy to eat.

I tried again today.

– The “Cutie” tangerine is zero points.

Breakfast Ideas on Weight Watchers

– The Natural Valley Sweet and Salty granola bar comes in at 4 Weight Watchers(M) points.

– A cup of tea. I calculated my tea at 2 points because I needed a little sugar.

So that’s it.

My low-point breakfast ideas.

Even if you’re not on Weight Watchers, I  these on-the-go breakfast ideas will be a good“something” to jump start your day.

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