A low point, low calorie salad dressing

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This is in no way is a weight-loss blog. However, as I learn to share.  Today, I discovered one of the best things in the world – at least my world.  Have you ever tried the creamy varieties of fat-free salad dressings made my Kraft?

I guess I should come clean and let you know that I am NOT one of those people that hate salads. I don’t care much for vegetables at all, but salad I hold a special disdain for.  I think it’s the crunch of iceberg lettuce. Or maybe the way the dressings overpower the lettuce, or it could be the crunch-crunch required to eat it.  Who knows, I just gave not been a fan.

But, honestly in order to lose the weight I need to lose to feel like me again, I’m going to need a lot of salad and a lot of veggies too.

That’s why this dressing is a game changer for a veggie hater-like me.

it is not only low-calorie, but it also registers very low on the Weight Watchers plan.  Two tablespoons is only as two points. Can’t beat that with a stick!

I thought my days of enjoying rich, creamy Thousand Island dressing were a distant memory like thin ankles and size 6 dresses.

Looks yummy, yes?

Yay!  It’s not a memory, but a low-cal reality.  Can’t wait to try it with a turkey burger, some lettuce and a few pickles to satisfy my next Big Mac craving.

Living and learning.

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